Leave definition in Saral PayPack Cloud
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Leave definition in Saral PayPack Cloud

In this post, we will see Leave definition in Saral PayPack Cloud. Before going to Leave Definition, ensure that the basic company details and salary settings are done. After the required settings are done start creating different leaves.

To begin with, go to Master and select Leave Definitions under Leave & Holidays.

1. Leave definition - Select Leave Definitions

Here, you can see that three leaves and one non-leave will be present by default.

Leave definition - leaves by default

Note: A leave is considered when it affects the present days of an employee. Whereas, a Non-leave is considered when the employee is working on-site or from home or away from the workplace. Any new leave or non-leave can be defined here as per your company’s requirement.

To define a new leave, enter the Leave Name and Short Name of the leave and enable whichever options are applicable for the leave.

Leave definition - Leave Name and Short Name

The different options you can enable are:

  • Affect salary – If taking this leave should have an effect on Salary, enable this option. By default, only LOP will have this option enabled.
  • Leave – This is the option which allows you to decide whether you want to define a leave on a non-leave. Check accordingly.
  • Allot – If you want to allot this leave to employees, check this option. Ex: Earned leave can be allotted but LOP is not allotable.
  • Consider For Leave Setting – If you want to define various options like carry forward, lapse and encashment, then you have to enable this option.

Once you have enabled the required settings, click on Create Leave Definition to create the Leave. Once created, you will be able to see it listed in the table below.

Leave definition - Created Leave Definition


Any listed leave can be edited by clicking on the edit icon under operations. If you change any details after a few months of using, then the entire data will be changed.

Repeat this process to define other leaves.

You can also learn about types of leave in general:

This completes the process of defining leaves in Saral PayPack Cloud.