Helping organizations process payroll with ease

When it comes to payroll compliance, there are a lot of rules. Based on company size, industry and more. Then there are also organizational rules which are set up.

As an HR or Payroll manager, it is your job to ensure that all these go smoothly and everybody gets paid. But we all know that things are not as easy as an outsider would expect.

And we understand that. We understand you.

Let’s be honest. Payroll compliance can be tough. But your job doesn’t have to be.

Our goal with developing Saral PayPack was to ensure that our product should be able to cater to the payroll requirements of a company of any size, any vertical and completely meet your company’s requirements, right out of the box.

With over 5000+ active customers, Saral PayPack generates almost 2 lakh+ payslips per month.

And these customers come from all sorts of verticals such as manufacturing, IT, service, hospitality, education and more.

Our software has all kinds of features from attendance punch to payslip generation and beyond but that is not the most unique thing about Saral PayPack.

It is the fact that we are awarded as an HR software provider with “Exceptional Customer Support”.

What does this mean for you?

This is how we work: Our implementation executives sit with you and set up the software according to your requirement. Then, they train you to handle everyday tasks within the software. And if you need any assistance at any point, our support executives are always available to you and they can provide support in 5 different ways.

But that’s enough about us and our software.

We want to hear from you.

What payroll problem are you trying to solve? How can we help you with it?

Let us know. Don’t hesitate.

We will provide you with a commitment-free demo and see how we will be able to help you with our software.