What Is Probation Period
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What Is Probation Period

Before fully integrating into the organisation, every organisation’s provision is to provide a probation period to the new joiners to their work. But before that, employers need to ensure that they are managing accurately and correctly their probation period for new employees.

In this blog, we will discuss the following topics of the probation period.

What is the probation period?

The probation period is a trial period, which is designed by the employer to assess the compatibility of the new employee for the organisation.This allows both the employer and the employee to get to know each other before offering permanent employment. Usually, the period is set at a minimum of 3 months or 6 months, which can be extendable, but not more than two times.

What is the probation period extension?

Probation period extension is extending the probation period beyond the date it is supposed to end. This allows the employee to improve their performance on a required basis before making it permanent. If a team leader or manager is unsatisfied with the work in any area of new employees, if they feel they need to give further training to bring the employee to the required level then, the period can be extended for a month or more. The maximum probation can be considered 8 months.

But, you need to mention clearly in the agreement, with employee’s consent, that the employee’s probation will be extended.

There are the following points that you need to set terms of extension.

  • How long and the end date of the extension
  • If an employee does not fulfil the set requirement by the end of the extended probation, then they will be terminated.
  • If further training will be provided during the extension
  • The reason behind the extension.

It is not mandatory to extend the probation period, it is applicable only in specific circumstances.

How should employers manage a probation period?

Basically, a manager will be responsible for monitoring the activities and the progress of employees during the probation.

There are following criteria to manage your probation, such as

  • Performance of the employee in the term of goals.
  • Behaviour during work stress, capabilities to handle the situations or conduct any new project or goal.
  • Technical skills
  • Interpersonal Skills and experience
  • Other requirements based on the job profile

Then you can review the performance of the employee before the end of this period to assess whether they passed or failed. Based on the performance, you can extend the probation or give them a permanent employment offer.

How do you pass an employee’s probation period?

Once you review the performance of the employee, if they passed, then you can take the decision and ask the employee to confirm the employment and give them the written confirmation of the employment. However, it should be clearly mentioned in the contract that new employees will not be deemed until they pass the period and get a probationary confirmation letter.

Time duration of Probation period

No law or regulation determines the duration of the probation. But, the time duration of the probationary period should not be longer than 6 months, and it is exceptional to extend a maximum of two months. However, a three-month probationary period is there for an employee who internally transfers or moves to a new post.


Difference between probationary and permanent employee

Probationary employeePermanent employee
Probationary employees aren’t able to get all the benefits from the employer.A permanent employee is liable to get all benefits offered by the employer.
If they are terminated before the completion of the probation, then they will not be able to receive an experience certificate.When they are terminated by the employer, they get the experience certificate.

Is salary given to the employee in the probation period?

Yes, as per the company norms, employees are entitled to get a salary during the probation.

What are the benefits of probation?

There are the following benefits of probation-

  • Engagement of employer and employee
  • High retention and reduced turnover
  • Low hiring cost
  • Productivity and opportunity for mutual assessment.
  • Opportunity to assess the new employee
  • Opportunity to get new ideas.

Is there any leave for employees during probation?

It differs for each organisation because every organisation has its policy, culture and value to provide leave during the probation.

Such as some companies provide monthly leave and some companies prohibit leave during the probationary.

Notice period during probation

Usually, it depends on the organisation’s culture, values and goals, which may decide to mention the following clause in the agreement later. Such as termination of the employee based on performance issues, waive-off notice period by the manager and others. In case the employer asks the employee to leave the company without serving any notice period or informing, then the employee will be entitled to get the monthly payment during the full and final settlement.

This brings us to the end of our discussion on what is the probation period. Let us know if you have any other questions and opinions on this topic. Mention the comment box below.

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