Documents required to on-board new employee
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Documents required to on-board new employee

In this blog, we will discuss the employee onboarding process and documents required to on-board a new employee checklist.

Every company has its own process for on-boarding new employees. There are also certain compliances that need to be fulfilled during the process of on-boarding. As the person responsible, you will have to ensure that all the activities go on smoothly and the new employee gets to know about your company and its processes as well as complete essential compliances. This is where having a checklist comes in handy. That is why we have created this blog which comes along with an editable sheet so you can add-in your own steps as well. There is also a free PDF download if you want to print these steps and have it with you on paper. 

With this checklist of documents required to on-board new employees in excel, you can rest assured that everything you need to do, gets done. 

Find the checklist for Documents Required to on-board new employee in PDF.

Employee Onboarding

There is the following process of employee onboarding – 

Appointment letter –

  • Details of job
  • Date of joining
  • Working hours
  • Time-off policy
  • Remuneration benefits with other benefits
  • Termination details
  • Tasks and responsibility of the employee

Confidentiality agreement – 

  • Agreement of non-disclosure
  • non-compete agreements

Form of compliance – 

Form of EPF –

  • Form 2 – Nomination and Declaration for exempted/unexempted
  • Form 6A – Consolidated annual contributions statement 

Form of ESI – 

  • Form 2 – Family declaration form Addition or deletion 
  • Form 6 – Registration of employee

Form of Gratuity – 

  • Form A – Notice for Opening
  • Form B – Notice for Change 
  • Form C – Notice for Closer 

 Letter for salary account opening –

One of the essential formalities is to open the employees’ salary account while joining the organisation and  before first paying the employee.

Welcome mail to the employee – 

Once the employee joins the organisation, HR can  send a welcome mail to the employee to enhance the employee onboarding process and to make them feel comfortable, environmentally friendlier, and feel more welcome.

HR process – 

The last step of the onboarding process is the HR process, where HR has to teach employees how to complete the HR-related duties, such as attendance, timing, dress code and other information.

List of HR norms –

  • Office timing
  • Attendance
  • Holiday
  • Leaves template, and others. 

That you have to attach it with the welcome mail.

Documents required to on-board a new employee

Employee on-boarding documents

There is the following list of documents that are required to on-board a new employees – 


Details of the documents 

Identity card and Address Proof 

  • Aadhar card
  • PAN Card
  • UAN
  • PF
  • Address Proof (Permanent, Corresponding Address)
  • Driving Licence
  • Passport
  • For EPFO Updation – bank account details and IFSC code.

  Educational Certificates

  • HSSC (STD XII) – Both marks and passing certificate.
  • SSC (STD X) – Both marks and passing certificate.
  • Graduation – All semesters marks and passing certificates
  • Post-graduation – All semesters marks and passing certificates.
  • Any other certifications 
  • Passport size photo in formal wear.
  • Email a Coloured scanned copy of the photo. 

  Bank account details

  • Aadhar Card of the employee
  • Pan card of the employee
  • Address confirmation with that valid ID proof, driving Licence, passport
  • UAN or PF id allotted by the previous company
  • Bank account details with IFSC code.

Experience letter or information if any 

  • Relieving letter 
  • Salary slip 
  • Form 11- Declaration form 
  • For UAN holders –

Copy of the e-passbook downloaded from the UAN member portal 

  • Copy of e-passbook of previous employer to determine the EPS (if any)
  • For employees whose salary is more than 15k and who are not a member of PF.

For Chartered Accounts 

Membership letter

For Staff Accounts 

Form – 102



Transferring staff accounts

Form 109 – Confirmation/Acceptance letter of transfer from the Organisation.

This is the end of our discussion on documents required to on-board a new employee. Let’s know your other questions and opinions on this topic. Mention below the comment box. 

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