EPFO KYC updation – For both employers and employees
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EPFO KYC updation – For both employers and employees

Hello, in this post we will discuss how to update EPFO KYC for both employers and employees.

We will cover the following:

What is KYC?

One of the significant menaces in our country’s economy is Money laundering. Even though the financial institutions and the government are on alert, illegal activities still happen. So to prevent such activities, the government had made KYC mandatory for banking or investment transactions.

Know Your Customer or KYC is a one-time process that will help banks and financial institutions to verify the identity of their customers. The customers’ identity, appropriateness, and any involvement in unlawful purposes or practices are verified.

The registration agencies need to submit a list of documents like PAN, Aadhaar, etc. to complete the KYC process for mutual fund investors. To complete this process you need KYC forms and proofs of identity as well as address.

KYC updation for employers

Step-1: Firstly, go to the EPFO website and enter your login credentials Username, and Password in the employer’s sign in and click on Sign in.

epfo-kyc - employers signin

Step-2: You will be directed to the EPFO dashboard. Here go to Member Section and from the drop-down click on KYC – Bulk.

EPFO KYC updation - Member.

Step-3: Now upload the KYC file and click on Submit.


By these simple steps, the employer can update the KYC details.

EPFO KYC Updation for Employers

KYC updation for employees

KYC updation is very easy and can be done in just a few steps. The documents you need to update KYC are:

  • PAN
  • Aadhaar
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Ration card
  • Election card/ Voter’s ID
  • National Population Register (NPR)
  • Bank details

Step-1: Go to the EPFO Member Portal. Login to your EPF account using your UAN and Password and enter the Captcha.

EPFO KYC - employee sign in

Step-2: Here, under the “Manage option“, click on KYC from the drop-down.

EPFO KYC - KYC details

Step-3: Updating the KYC details form will be then displayed on the screen. Here, you can fill in the details of the documents mentioned.

Tick the checkbox in front of the document that you want to update. Enter the document number, your name as per the document and also the additional details such as IFSC in case of bank details and expiry date in case of passport and driving license.

Once you click on Save, your data will be saved under the “Pending KYC” section.

EPFO KYC - Documents

Step-4: The details are then verified by the EPFO from the data of the concerned department.

Once the details matches, Verified is marked for the respective document.

EPFO KYC - Approved and pending KYC

EPFO KYC Updation for employees


How long does it take to approve the KYC document?

Usually, it takes 3 to 5 working days to review and approve the documents.

To view the KYC document status, do I need to visit the UAN portal on a regular basis?

No need to visit the UAN portal regularly, once your document will be reviewed and approved then, you will be notified by SMS.

What documents do I need to upload for KYC?

For KYC, you need to upload the required documents such as registration number, PAN details, Aadhar number, bank details, Driving license (DL) and Passport.

Benefits of updating KYC on EPFO portal

There are following benefits of updating KYC –

    • Easily process the account and transfer account
    • Make it easy to claim withdrawal
    • Less TDS deduction charges
    • Saves time

This ends the post on EPFO KYC updation for both employers and employees.

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  • Dear sir my adhar is not linked with epfo.

  • sir,account disabled in EPFO From March 2022.last deposit feb2022 .futher continue july 2022 to till date .please advise for account disbaled.iam unable log in

    • Please contact your EPFO office

  • Sir mera employees kyc approval hai pr employer kyc not approval bta rha hai

    • Please re-approve the KYC

  • i have updated my kyc details a month ago still its in kyc under process,not moved to employer digital sign what should i do

    • Delete the uplaoded KYC and re-update the latest one

  • Sir bank kyc pending with employer for digital signing but I resigned my company last year now how I can approve my bank kyc

    • ask you ex-employer or current employer to do the same

  • My father recently retired . He was worked in MSRTC ..When we Submit Bank KYC after 1 month still showing under verification .When it will verified and who will approved it.

    • Plz contact the last employer to verify the KYC.

  • Hello Sir,
    On my EPFO account i can see Aadhar/PAN KYC approved by my earlier employer and now i have updated my bank account KYC details which will be approved by my current employer.
    My Question here is do i need to do Aadhar/PAN KYC again with my current employer ?
    Your kind response much appreciated

    • NOT Required. KYC update to be done only once.

  • Sir bank account kyc on epfo will be approve online or I have to visit office?

    • It is approved online

    • Sir,my adhar yet not linked pf,my emplyor already submit joint form in pf office again & again they not take any action.then??????

    • Please contact the PF office in person

  • I was updated kyc already but my employer not approve it then what I can do.

    • You can raise a grievance at EPFO

  • KYC change in Bank Account Number submitted by employer on 17/07/2020 is pending with SWASTHYA KALYAN SAMITI SKS CHC xxxx for approval. You will be able to submit the claim once this KYC is approved/rejected.What i do sir for this?

    • KYC change in Bank Account Number submitted by employer on 17/07/2020 is pending with SWASTHYA KALYAN SAMITI SKS CHC xxxx for approval. You will be able to submit the claim once this KYC is approved/rejected.What i do sir for this?please reply sir.We are urgent need of money. sir reply please.

    • Please contact your Regional PF Office.

  • Hi,
    I am unable to update my permanent and current address details in epfo portal. I am not getting error message also. I am trying to do e nomination. Could you please help me.


    • Please do the necessary updated through your HR as this facility is not yet available for employees.

  • Hi
    I worked in my company from 2014-2017 in Mumbai. At the time of joining my employer had asked to update my Kyc in uan portal. I did the same and now when I checked it, it seems the aadhar and other details are not updated. I had updated the same in the website, but it is showing pending employer approval. I am afraid if my employer will approve. So is there is any other option to get the kyc done? Just in case if required.

    • No, the kyc has to be updated by the employer only. if they do not update, please contact the regional EPFO office.

  • Is it possible to re-update the Aadhar document verified by UIDAI? Please provide the guidance.
    Thank you.

    • Yes, you can re-update once. Go to your UAN login and update the details which will be verified and updated by the concerned Field officer.

  • I have submitted my bank account details in KYC section, how long it will take verified?

    • It generally takes 3 to 5 working days for the documents to be reviewed and approved.

  • We have updated an employee’s KYC details quite before and it has not been verified yet, when we are updating it again, it is showing pending for verification. Kindly guide how can it be verified and how long will it take, The employee has resigned and he wishes to claim his PF.

    • Please ask the employee to contact the regional PF office or update a grievance at the PF website.

  • When I’m trying to update my aadhaar details, it gives me an error while saving “Aadhaar authentication failed.aadhaar number, name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data”. Please give me a solution to this. Thank you.

    • Make sure that your Name, DOB and Gender in your Aadha, PAN and PF account are same. Then only the authentication will be successful

  • Dear Sir,

    I am not able to claim online using Umang App. It gives error “bank account not verified “. I can see its approved by employer but verified status shows as “N/A”. How can I get it verified now?

    • Please get the details re-verified from your employer.

  • Pf mein bank passbook keise krna heij

    • Please upload through your UAN Account, online

  • I want to update Aadhaar no in kyc online but after clicking the save button it only shows loading and nothing happens

    • Please try again else get it updated through your employer.

  • one month back i updated date of birth in aadhar and as well as in uan account.
    my employeer aprooved it in one day but it showing pending at mumbai field office,so can you please tell me still how many days it will take to aproove.

    • Field Officer approval will take 15 days to 3 months. In current condition, it may take longer.

  • I left MICROPYRAMID INFORMATICS PRIVATE LIMITED company and they did not updated in UAN Account that I left that company and they did not accept/ reject my KYC.

    I request to the accountant to reject KYC and Update that I left the company. But Accountant was not doing from last two months.

    Issue: KYC change in Bank Account Number submitted by employer on 03/12/2019 is pending with MICROPYRAMID INFORMATICS PRIVATE LIMITED for approval. You will be able to submit the claim once this KYC is approved/rejected.

    What can I do because of this I am unable to claim PF amount.

    Help me regarding this issue.


    • Sir, If you have left the company for more than 2 months, then you have an option in UAN to self mark your date of leaving. Login to your UAN account and under MARK YOUR EXIT, enter your date of leaving with relevant information. This does not require any approval from the employer.

  • how to upload documents for name change in EPFO site (want to make UAN as per Aadhar card); due to this KYC is on hold.

    • Login to your UAN account and update the details in the MODIFY BASIC DETAILS window. On approval from EPFO, the name will be updated in your UAN.

  • Sir i joined at 2009 leaved at 2017 they didn’t give any pay slip or bill salary gives in cover only now company told you worked only 2years put claim for two years Only where I complain now sir

    • Please approach the labour court with any documents like offer letter, relieving letter, etc.

  • Sir Mera kyc pending me hai use approval Kar dena sir

    • Sir, yeh aapke HR dept se hoga.

  • Dear Sir,
    I found PAN unverified.
    please suggest how to resolve this issue.

    • Pl check once with your HR.

  • hii sir,
    My self sanjay previous employee of first flight courier ltd. and our company has been closed because of any reason
    i want to withdrawal my fund but my KYC form is not match with my aadhar cards birth date so what to do now

    • Pl check with your local EPFO office, they will be able to help.


    • You can check once with your HR.

  • Hi sir, I want to Exit an employee from EPFO. But his Kyc details are not updated. Can i mark him as Exit without updating his kyc details?

    • Yes, you can

  • PF Authority Bandra , Mumbai is asking for Photo graph of subscriber & family members for scheme certificate. Please suggest is it mandatory to provide Photograph of subscriber & family members while submitting claim for scheme certificate in form 10 C.

    • Yes, it has to be submitted.

  • Hi Sir,
    Recently i have done the few spelling corrections in my Aadhaar card & PAN Card.

    Now i am unable to update it as it is showing some error.
    Name as per PF: Althaf Hussain D, As per Aadhaar : D Althaf Hussain
    And i have resign from previous company and wanted to withdraw the PF amount. But due to above issues i am unable to process my request.
    Please help me to resolve this issue.


    • Please update your name in aadhar as per PF and then submit the KYC again in UAN login. Post that you can go for a claim.

  • sir, previous employee on pan card father name was wrong, i have corrected in present employee, i have one question about i need to update pan card kyc both present and previous employee.

    • Yes, you have to update at both places

  • Sir I send my pan card details in my pf account kYC coloum 2 days back..how many days taken for my details approval sir???? Please send message sir

    • Please ask your employer to update the same.

  • hi sir this is Mahesh,i want to change my KYC details because my previous bank account has been closed, so what should i do now?

    • Please update the KYC to your employer for updating the website.

  • Dear Sir……. Last 1MONTH ago kyc update(AADHAR) request Online Fill But Till date no any response Please Help me Sir

    • Please contact your Regional EPFO.

  • Dear sir mera kyc update kiye hue eight month ho gaya he.our maine paise nikalne ke liye apply bhi kar diya he lekin abhi tak paisa bank me nahi Aya .sir please kuch sujhaw de.

    • Please register a grievance at the EPF portal.

  • Please give my uan no.

    • Sir please kyc approved my epf account

  • Bank details updation in EPF portal how many days will take. Who will verified this bank ekyc details i in EPF portal.

    • KYC update will take place in few minutes. The KYC have to be verified and approved by the employer with Digital signature.

    • how to update the ekyc details and how many days taken for my details approval sir.. and where to submit the scaning documents…???

    • KYC details can be updated with uploading the scan copy in your UAN Account. This has to be approved by your Employer.

  • The document number tab is not getting activated only what to do

    • Please contact your PF regional office


    • PAN card display name and IT department name may change some times like PAN card may show Rahul S where department will have Rahul Shyam as department does not accept initials. So, please check on same

  • My Name is Mrs. Antina Jobish and i was working in A J hospital manglore due to some reason i have to left my job from A J hospital now my HR is not approving so what can i do further regarding this matter

    • Hi,
      Please update grievance with EPFO.

  • Dear Sir,
    I wanted verify my kyc by using UAN but on the UAN I go in mannage- Kyc- I can see all the optations of adharcard, pan, bank if I wanted to fil that but that is not filled . . Pls pls give me solvestion on this . .

    • Hello Sagar,
      Please contact UAN helpdesk

  • Dear Sir Last 1 Week ago kyc update request Online Fill But Till date no any response Please Help me Sir

    • Hi Ganesh,
      Sir, KYC update will take at least 15-20 working days times by the field officer

  • Hi , I have Switched to different company , I want to transfer my PF in the Existing UAN, Also My name has been changed after my marriage, I have updated the same in my Aadhaar, PAN and Bank Accounts.How will i update in this UAN PF account?

    • Hello Riya Raut,
      First apply to transfer from all your older accounts to the new account. Once, the transfer is completed and the amount is shown in your current account, apply for other details change through your UAN Account.

  • Mujhe PF main Apna date of birth change karni hai Jila Bulandshahar Shikarpur dairy Sherpur very checkmate main

  • what is document number for bank and where can we find it?

    • Hello,
      It is the Bank Account Number.

    • i am an epfo account hlder.in my profile there is old bank account detail. now i have changed my bank. i took salary from my office in the form of cheque and submit it to this bank. now i want to change my bank details. can i do please tell me and how.. how will you verify my bank details. will you verify from my office or from bank. please tell me.

    • Yes, you can change the bank details. Provide the bank details to your employer and they can upload and verify the same. Else. you can upload the bank details in your UAN login which has to be verified by your employer.

  • Name Annappa A Siddappa Submit Sir

    • Sir, we request you to pl not submit your personal information in the comment section.

  • Nice Artical Sir

  • Dear Sir,

    My Name is Md. Shahwaz Alam and i was working in Indra Industries due to some reason i have to left my job from Indra industries now my boss is not approving so what can i do further regarding this matter

    • Go to the PF office. Update all your documents and inform the office for the same. They will contact your company through a field officer