Payroll Software for Manufacturing
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Payroll Software for Manufacturing

Are you in the manufacturing industry and understand how critical it is to adhere to processes, meet deadlines, and streamline operations for maximum efficiency? We have the perfect solution to ease your burden.

Our comprehensive payroll solution reduces your workload, ensures data confidentiality, and enables effective payroll management. With our software, you can effortlessly manage your payroll, generate timely reports, and stay updated on crucial information. Additionally, you can track time and attendance seamlessly, enabling better workforce management.

Our solution also extends its benefits to your backend operations, providing the necessary support to boost your overall business efficiency.

This blog will discuss how payroll software can benefit the manufacturing industry.


How does payroll software help the manufacturing industry?

Payroll software offers several benefits to manufacturing companies. Here are some ways payroll software can help manufacturing industries:

  1. Efficient Payroll Processing: Payroll software automates the calculation of employee wages, taxes, deductions, and benefits. This streamlines the payroll process and reduces manual errors, ensuring accurate and timely payments to employees.
  2. Time and Attendance Tracking: Payroll software often includes time and attendance tracking features. Manufacturing companies can use this functionality to track employee work hours, breaks, and shifts accurately. It helps in managing workforce schedules, calculating overtime, and ensuring compliance with labour regulations.
  3. Compliance with Labor Laws: Payroll software helps manufacturing companies stay compliant with various labour laws and regulations. It automates the calculation and deduction of taxes, ensures accurate reporting, and generates necessary payroll-related forms and documents required by regulatory authorities.
  4. Reporting and Analytics: Payroll software generates comprehensive reports and analytics related to payroll expenses, tax liabilities, employee costs, and other relevant metrics. Manufacturing companies can gain insights into labor costs, budgeting, and workforce trends, enabling informed decision-making and better financial management.

Overall, payroll software simplifies and automates payroll processes, enhances accuracy, ensures compliance, improves employee engagement, and provides valuable insights to manufacturing companies, allowing them to focus on their core operations efficiently.

In the upcoming section, we will look at each of these in greater detail.

What are the features of the software in respect of the manufacturing industry?

There are the following features in respect of the manufacturing industry that will help you to manage your data effectively.

A. Master data management – You can manage multiple data of employees such as –

  1. Employee Master You can mention multiple employee details in one place and edit or change them whenever you want.
  2. Shift management – Accordingly, you can manage employees’ shifts and make them effective.
  3. Security guard assets management Whatever assets you have provided to your security guards, those assets detail can maintain and keep the records as per the date, name, and others in one place.
  4. Unit definition – Name, address, date, and unit rates accordingly; you can keep all records.

B. Salary Calculation – Based on multiple posts, designations, and units, you can calculate your and your employee’s salary without errors and time-consuming. Such as –

  1. Unit-wise salary – How many units an employee produced the product? Based on that unit, you can calculate the employee’s salary.
  2. Designation – You can calculate the salary based on the employee’s designation.
  3. Attendance and leave management – You can maintain the records of leave and attendance daily, weekly, or monthly in bulk. And that attendance will be auto-synced when calculating final wages and in payslips as well. We also provide API integration to exchange data with any biometric attendance device.
  4. Advance Calculation – Whatever will advance you have to pay to your employee; also, you can calculate with all details.
  5. Deduction for uniform, shoes, and any other materials that you have provided to your employee. Based on that, you can calculate. If any additional deduction is there, you can also deduct and calculate the employee’s salary.
  6. Based on Grade and slab, you can calculate salary.

C. Reports – There are various reports which you can generate timely and can meet your requirements. Such as –

    1. Monthly reports – Whatever you have done in a month, such as how many units you have produced, how many products are exported and how much remains, and other reports you can maintain.
    2. Unit-wise Payslip – In bulk easily, you can generate payslips.
    3. Branch and unit-wise salary statements also can be generated effectively.
    4. There is a specific bank format for bank transfers with the employee’s bank details and salary details.

D. Statutory compliance – There are various statutory that must have to follow, such as –

  1. PF, ESI, ECR Return – Helpful to meet your mandatory statutory compliance, where you can file your return timely.
  2. TDS e-return – Through Saral PayPack you can file your TDS e-return on time and generate digitally signed Form 16. In case of any issues, TDS correction return can be handled as well.
  3. Bonus Calculation, Muster Roll and Form T
  4. Salary Register – Per the norms, you can register the employee’s salary from Saral PayPack.

How can you manage the different departments with this software?

Software automation in the manufacturing industry assists companies in managing employee attendance and leave. This integrated software handles various HR functions, including payroll (e.g., salary, wages, bonus, agreement details, and deductions), statutory compliance, reimbursement and HR details. It’s an all-in-one tool that enables HR departments to handle employee data and information across various departments.

Does Payroll software work for the manufacturing industry?

Our integrated software offers effective assistance in managing your different divisions and departments. With this solution, you can easily manage your daily tasks, including attendance, leave, arrears, advance, report generation and other tasks. By implementing an HR payroll solution, you can control your HR activities and receive instant solutions to help you efficiently grow and manufacture units for your industry.

To reduce your managing manual data and calculation burden of payroll processing, get a free demo of Saral PayPack.

This brings us to the end of our discussion on Payroll software for manufacturing. Let’s know your other questions and opinions on this topic. Mention below the comment box.

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