PF online registration – Step by step guide
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PF online registration – Step by step guide

Disclaimer – This procedure has changed since the day of publication. We have  updated the new procedure of Online PF registration through Shram Suvidha Portal.

Hello everyone. In this post, we will discuss the steps for PF online registration in detail.

It is mandatory for the establishments having 20 or more employees to register for PF. So, take a look at the procedure.

Details of employer for PF online registration

Following are the details that should be provided  while you register your company under EPFO –

  • Company name and address (can be any utility bill but it should not be older than 2 months)
  • Bank details/ statements
  • Digital signature of partners
  • Leased, rental, hired agreement if any
  • PAN details and Aadhar details of partners, Directors or proprietors.

Step by Step procedure for PF online registration

Step-1: Keep all the documents ready required for the registration. You can take a look at the documents required for the registration here.

Step-2: Firstly, visit this website On the homepage, you will find an Employer Sign in option click on that.

PF registration process

Step-3: After you click on the Employer Sign in option you get the below screen where you need to click on the highlighted option i.e., New Employer Registration OLRE.

PF online registration

Step-4: Next, you will get an Instruction Manual screen. Click on “Instruction Manual” to download the PDF. Go through the Instruction Manual then tick the box and click on Register.

PF online registration 3

Step-5: On selecting the Register button, the following screen will open. Enter the necessary details as required in the form.

Note: The items marked with the red star are mandatory.

PF online registration 4

Then, enter the CAPTCHA and click on Get PIN.

Step-6: Enter the generated PIN (sent via email or SMS) and tick the declaration.  An e-mail link will be sent simultaneously to the given email-id, which is to be activated to enable the submission of Application for Online Registration of Establishment.

PF online registration 5This completes the PF online registration process.

Note: In order to provide ease of compliance of the labour laws, the ministry of labour and employment launched a web portal called the “Shram Suvidha”. The portal has also been enabled to provide EPF and ESI  return filing services. You can use the same steps to register from the Shram Suvidha portal as well.


Is PF registration necessary for every Private Limited organisation? 

NO, if an organisation has 20 or more employees, then they have to register under EPFO.

Why do I need to register the organisation on an EPFO online portal? 

Because without registration, you can’t generate an online challan, and you can’t create a user Id and password to access the details on the EPFO portal.

Is this mandatory to complete the registration process of every established organisation? 

Yes, it is mandatory to complete the registration of every organisation separately.

What can you do if you forget the employer ID or Password? 

In case you forgot your employer ID and password, then you click on the forgot password, enter your alternate ID, such as E-mail ID and contact number and then you can reset your password.

In case I forget to fill in the PIN details or any other details during the registration, can I fill in the details later? 

No, in case you forgot to enter any of the details, then you can’t fill in later. You have to fill in all the details again and have to request a new PIN.

What is the Purpose behind additional authorised signatories to provide email and mobile numbers?

Basically, Email and number are two essential means that are used to communicate other PF account details after registration. If any editing, any other new details will be sent to an alternate number that you have been provided.

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This ends our post on Steps for PF online registration. Let us know your opinion by commenting below.

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  • Thanks for the precise article on PF registration and related details. The links were very equally useful found it very easy to understand the application procedures. I want to know the minimum duration in years that an employee needs to put in a company to be eligible to withdraw the PF amount.

    • Hi Anandhi,
      The duration should be 5 years.

  • Hello sir,
    My name is suvarna. I have left the job on 7 jan 2019. My joining date is 28 august 2017 .
    I have completed my 1.5 years in orgenisation can i withdraw my PF

    • Hi Suvarna,
      Yes, you can withdraw if you have not joined any other employment.

  • Hi Sir,
    When I try to register as you suggested for EPF (our new establishment registration), theirs no any link ‘ New Employer Registration(DLRE) appears. Please help.

    • Sir, Please read the above disclaimer given in the blog. This process is changed. We will update the new process as soon as possible.

    • Hi Manoj,
      This was the older process of registration. NOw the process has changed to Shramsuvidha portal. Below is the link for registration

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