PF online withdrawal procedure with screenshots
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PF online withdrawal procedure with screenshots

Hello, in this post we will discuss the latest changes for the PF withdrawal and PF online withdrawal procedure with screenshots.

Things we will cover:

Latest changes in PF withdrawal

Employment Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) recently decided to give its subscribers an option to withdraw 75% of their funds after 1 month of their unemployment and keep the account active.

The members of EPFO will also have an option to withdraw the remaining 25% of their funds for final settlement of the account after completion of two months of unemployment.

Some Points to know for PF withdrawal

  • Attestation of the employer is not necessary for PF withdrawal if your PF account is linked with UAN.
  • TDS on PF withdrawal will be applicable if:
    • If the employee has not completed five years of his / her continuous service.
    • If the EPF withdrawal amount is more than Rs.50,000. Earlier the limit was Rs.30,000.
    • If Pan not available – 34.608%
    • At the time of withdrawal, if your total income (for the financial year) is less than 2.5 Lakhs, then you can submit Form 15G to avoid TDS deduction.
    • To know more on tax on PF withdrawal click here. 
  • Due to the launch of online facilities for PF withdrawal claim settlement period for PF withdrawal is now reduced to just 10 days from earlier 20 days.
  • You can download the UMANG app which you can use for PF withdrawal without UAN login.
  • You can update details such as name, DOB or Aadhar in UAN from the member’s portal itself. 
  • Another detail which you can update in the portal is the nomination details for EPS scheme.

PF online withdrawal procedure

PF withdrawal can be done in two ways i.e.,

  1. Physical application / offline PF withdrawal
  2. Online application for PF withdrawal

Physical application / offline submission

The Offline Withdrawal facility is not applicable from July 2019.

You can download the new composite claim (Aadhar) / composite claim form (non-aadhar) from here.

PF offline withdrawal

Composite claim formAttestation Required (Yes/No)
With AadharNo
Without AadharYes

Online application for PF withdrawal

In order to apply for PF withdrawal online, you need to make sure the following conditions are met.

  • UAN should be activated and the mobile number used for activating the UAN is in working condition.
  • UAN is linked with your KYC i.e., Aadhaar, PAN and bank details.

PF online withdrawal procedure is as follows:

Step-1 Firstly, you need to go to the UAN portal.

<p”>Step-2 Next step is to login with your UAN and password then enter the CAPTCHA.

PF online withdrawal procedure 1

Step-3 Next, click on Manage, you will get a drop down as shown just click on KYC.

PF online withdrawal procedure 2.

Step-4 On clicking KYC you will get this screen just check whether your Aadhar, PAN and bank details are verified or not. Please note that for online withdrawal, Aadhar and PAN verification is mandatory from employer.

PF online withdrawal procedure 3

Step-5 After verifying the details Go to Online Services, from the drop-down menu click the Claim form. PF online withdrawal 4

Step-6 On clicking the Claim form, it will display the member details, KYC details etc. Then, to submit your claim form just click on the tab Proceed for online claim.

PF online withdrawal procedure 5

Step-7 In this form, just select the claim you want under the tab “I want to apply for”.  Withdrawal is available under the following conditions:

  • Form-31 – Partial withdrawal of PF
  • Form-19 –  Complete PF withdrawal
  • Form-10C – Pension withdrawal benefit & scheme certificate
  • Form-10D – Claim of monthly pension


If the member is not eligible for any services like PF withdrawal or pension withdrawal due to their service criteria, then that option will not be displayed in the drop-down menu. If the employee is still in employment and goes for the claim form only form 31 will be available provided the service criteria are satisfied

PF online withdrawal procedure 6

Once applied, an OTP will be sent to the Aadhar linked mobile number. Enter the OTP and submit. On successful submission of the claim, a reference number will be generated and displayed which can be used for further claim status check.

Take a look at the summary of the PF online withdrawal procedure in this picture.

PF online withdrawal procedure

And that is how you can apply for PF online withdrawal.

This ends our post. Let us know your opinion by commenting below.


Disclaimer: This blog is just for informational purpose only. We are not associated with the EPFO or PF department.

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  • Hi Have One UAN nnumber and two Member Ids. When I claim, How do I get options to select both the Member Ids? Currently I can claim only with the latest Member Id.
    Appreciate I you can help me in this regards,

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Hi I have left the Job after 10 yrs of service , my date of leaving is also updated on portal. now i have joined the new organization but EPFO is not givng me any option to withdraw PF of my OLD organization.

    • Hi Ravi,
      If you have given the same UAN in the new organization, then you will not be able to withdraw the amount.

  • Sir, Recently i have changed by JOB & my last working day was 02.03.2019, same has been updated in UAN, also my new PF account no comes under the same UAN no.
    May i withdraw my last company. kindly guide me.

    • Hi Ghanshyam,
      No, you cannot withdraw.

  • Hello Dear,

    I worked for an organisation for 5.5 years and joined another organisation, Though I provided my old PF UAN they opened new account.

    I transferred my fund from old UAN to new UAN, Now I want to withdraw my PF but in portal it showing your service is less than 5 years.

    please help me to get this done.

    • Hi Jai,
      Please verify if the transfer of account is done successfully. If yes, then you can withdraw only partial amount on 7 years completion. Else, login to your older UAN and check on the process.

  • It is a great post .. I need a help here, I have already completed 7 year contribution in EPF, this 7 year include 4 year service in prevous company and 3 years with the next company and transfer of PF amount was done 3 year back .

    Now I moved to UK two month back from same company , this is international transfer , and I want to withdraw (100 %Employee contribution + 100 % Employer Contribution+ 100% Pension amount ) but I am not seeing the option for PF withdrawal , under select claim option t is only showing Advice 31 in the drop down, it is not showing.

    What I need to do to see form 19 and 10c option in the drop down so that I can request for withdrawal?

    I am hopeful that you would be able to assist me with this regards, looking forward to see your advice.
    I thank you so much in advance.


    • Hi Arun,
      If the PF account is closed from the employer end, only then you will be able to claim the amount. As you are an employee under the same company, the employer might not have closed your PF contribution account due to which you will not be able to withdraw.

  • i have two PF accounts under one UAN. Can i withdraw the PF balance of my previous employment which i left 6 months back since i am unable to transfer it to my currect account?. The Date of Exit is already updated by the previous employer, but i couldn’t able to claim the same through online since only the currect PF account is showing for withdrawal. If i withdraw then what % of money will i recieve from previous PF account.?

    • Hi Subhadip,
      You will not be able to withdraw the amount as both are mapped under the same UAN.

  • Hi,
    I am getting this error from app and website also.
    DATA NOT FOUND EXCEPTION: ORA-01403: no data found umang app
    MY Pan and Aadhar is already verified on portal.
    Please help.

  • It was really simple, easy and to the point.

  • Hi I applied claim on 01-03-19 (form 19 and 10c) but still it is showing under process . I am trying to call epf office but they are not responding . Plz give me advice. Thanks

    • Hi Srinivas,
      Please raise a grievance to EPFO

  • Hi sir,
    I need to know whether there is an alternative way to get approved for bank details in kyc as my previous employer is not approving it….please give me suggestion

    • Hi Ambika,
      No. Bank details can be approved only by the employer. If the employer does not do the needful, you can raise a grievance to EPFO department.

  • Hi sir

    (Question)I want to withdraw PF amount, But its showing Only verified KYC such as AADHAAR, PAN which are digitally approved will be considered for (availing any services. its means any service or visiting PF office). (suggest me) where can i visit One more (question) i left last company without Resignation so it possible previous company amount….

    • Hi Mahesh,
      PF can be withdrawn only on KYC update in your UAN account. ON updating KYC, you can withdraw online. For withdrawing any amount your employer has to digitally approve the KYC updated by you and also the service leaving date has to be updated by the employer.

  • Hi
    one year back i worked in one company i reassigned and joined another company i have one UAN number for both company but i have different PF number please help to how to withdraw my old company PF.
    Thanks for advance

    • Hi Nivetha,
      As you have single UAN for both the companies, your older account might have been transferred to the new one. Please confirm the same by checking under the services menu in your UAN login. Also as it is a single UAN which means it is a single account, you will not be able to withdraw the amount.

  • Hi
    I have claimed partial PF Online without PAN details verified. But Aadhar details and Account details is verified digitally. Now the current status is “Under process” .
    Will it be claimed ?

    • Hi Prem,
      PF Claim without PAN will be processed but with a tax deduction of 30.96%. Also, you will, not be able to claim the credit of this tax in your IT return

  • Hi , I tried to apply for early PF but got an error ” OTP verified but the data available against the UAN in system is not matching with the data available with UIDAI(AADHAAR). All my information is perfectly matching but still i get this error . Anyone can help me on this

    • Hi Vijay,
      Please verify if the Name in UAN & Aadhar matches. If still, you get an error, please contact your Registered Office.

  • I am trying to withdraw my full PF amount but it is showing only Partial withdraw so please suggest.

    • Hi Priyanka,
      Full withdrawal is possible only if you are not working and unemployed for more than two months. Also, on leaving if your employer has not updated your date of leaving, you will not be able to withdraw.

  • I have worked for a total of 6 yrs and joined new organisations , I am trying to withdraw PF online . i have merged two UAN ONLINE AND GET TRANSFER OF FUND.UAN shows the status of the of current employer –2 YEARS only. I WANT TO WITHDRAW 90% AMOUNT TO PAY FOR HOME LOAN. It stated the reason as “Cessation:Short Service” . Why is it stating it as Short service ?I have consolidated my PF accounts BUT SERVICE RECORD NOT SHOWS IT.
    Would appreciate if you can help me with the same.

    • Hi Vishwanath,
      Maybe the transfer has not taken place properly. Please contact your concerned EPF office.

  • Hi Sir,

    I applied my claim on 02-Mar-2019 for medical emergency still its showing under process.

    1)its directly submitted to EPF?Else my company(HR) need to approve first?
    2)what is the maximum days to get the PF amount?

    • Hi Suganya,
      Please contact your concerned EPF office.

  • “Hi Team,
    I can see 2 Accounts in my service list , I left my 1st Organisation on 3-oct-2018 , and joined 2nd Organisation on 4-oct-2018 , but due to some reason absconded 2nd organisation on 5-Jan-2019 and now not working.
    I have never requested to transfer my pf ,now i want to withdraw the pf from both organisation. But i can see that in service profile
    1st-Organisation DOJ EPF -09/05/2018 DOE EPF-3/10/2018.
    2nd-Organisation DOJ EPF – 04/10/2018 DOE EPF -not available.

    What next i am suppose to do , to withdraw the PF as my Aadhar, PAN, Mobile number and bank account is already validated and updated in the EPFO.
    Thanks in Advance”

    • Hi Manish,
      Whichever process you choose, Online or Offline, you will have to go through your second employer as per the details were given by you. In both cases, the 2nd employer has to enter the date leaving for you to withdraw.

  • Hi,

    Whether the tax on PF amount as levied by EPFO will only be on the Employer contribution OR on sum of Employee contribution + Employer contribution?

    How do EPFO compute 5 years of continuous service? Even if 1 month of non-contribution to EPFO account means non – continuous service?


    • Tax is accounted on whole amount i.e., Employee contribution + Employer contribution.
      Continuous service is treated from your joining date to leaving date of EPFO. Even if the PF account is transferred from one employer to another, it will also be taken as continuous. One month non- contribution will not break the service period.

  • hello sir
    i work in company for 2 year after that i change the my uan no is same
    can i withdraw my previous pf
    if yes than tell me how

    • Hi Amar,
      No, you are not eligible to withdraw.

  • i m trying to complete KYC and the error says aadhar updation failed. details does not match. whats the next step to know what is incorrect and where it went wrong. can someone help

    • Hi Karthik,
      The Aadhar Name, PAN name, and EPF name should be the same. If they do not match, KYC error will occur.

  • is that possible to withdrawal online my PF amount partial, without resign the current job

    • Hi Sushant,
      Yes, you can, if you have completed min of 7 years of service

  • Hi sir/Madam

    i have submitted online claim on 7th Mar.2019 and status changed to ” sent to field office” . after that Can i send to online form 19 and 10c with signature attested to the my field office?

    • Hi Abhijit,
      You are not required to send any documents. Please wait for information from EPFO

  • Hi,
    I have worked for a total of 6 yrs and joined new organisations , I am trying to withdraw PF online . i have merged two UAN ONLINE AND GET TRANSFER OF FUND.It shows the status of the last employer –2YEARS only. I WANT TO WITHDRAW 90% AMOUNT TO PAY FOR HOME LOAN. It stated the reason as “Cessation:Short Service” . Why is it stating it as Short service ?I have consolidated my PF accounts BUT SERVICE RECORD NOT SHOWS IT.
    Would appreciate if you can help me with the same.

    • Hi Vishwanath,
      Please contact your ex-employer for the service details uploaded

  • Hi,

    I have applied claim by 20th Feb2019,but still now the status is “UNDER PROCESS” Kindly suggest whether I should for some more time or raise an grievance to EPFO office.

    • Hi Nagarjuna,
      please contact your concerned EPFO office

  • hi
    i just updated my aadhar, pan and bank details in uan portal for online withdrawl of my of. but now it shows msg that employer is exempted from pf withdtawl but thst is not true. whta should i do? i worked in axis bank ltd. i left job in sep’18.

    • Hi Alisha,
      Maybe your PF is through the PF trust. So, to claim the amount you have to contact your employer

  • Dear sir,
    I have resign my job in may2018 but still i have no option showing for complete pf withdraw only Advanced PF form showing.plz suggest me how we claim for complete PF withdraw.Now i m working in other orginization.

    • Hi Rahul,
      Your Date of Leaving may not be updated by your older employer. Ask them to update the date and you can go for withdrawal.

  • Hi,
    I tried withdrawing the PF amount, however, the KYC update shows an error saying “Details are mismatched”. Although the details are same in both; Aadhar and PAN.
    I also informed my Employer about this.
    Any help for the above-mentioned issue?

    Look forward to your reply.

    • Hi Rahul,
      The Aadhar nd PAN name may be same, but it may not match with PF name. Hence, you may be getting the error. PLease go for offline claim process by submitting the physical form.

  • Hello Sir/Madam,
    I am facing problem on last confirmation of OTP…Beacuse I don’t have my Aadhar card register mobile number with me now (I made it before 5 years Now that number is not available), So can you please help me out, what should I have do now to withdraw the EPFO Amount.

    Thanks & Regards
    Anuwar Hussain

    • Hi Anuwar,
      Please change your mobile number in aadhar and try the process.

  • Hi This is baskaran, I need to apply Online Claim. My UAN Name and Aadhar name is Same but PAN name is different, I have tried to add my Pan number in KYC, But it showing Name is different from income Tax department.
    My UAN Name : B BASKARAN
    My Aadhar name: B BASKARAN

    I was tried to change my pan name but I can’t. My employer told, while applying Claim PAN is not verified means , they will take 33% of my PF amount.

    Is there any way to get full amount to my account. Please help me

    • Hi Baskaran,
      If you do not want 33% TDS, then go for Offline Claim.




    • Hi Rajat,
      Pension amount cannot be transferred as on EPF transfer only Service period gets transferred. As you have already withdrawn the EPF amount, you can take “scheme certificate” for the amount and service period in your older account. This will be considered when you go for a pension on retirement.

  • I have left my job in June 2015 Now i am trying to withdraw EPF amount by online mode as EPFO office has made all withdrawal claim compulsorily online.
    I have also verified my aadhaar PAN and bank account through my employer.
    But when i am applying for withdrawal it is showing only one option i.e PF advance (Form No 31)
    I need to apply for form No 19 and 10.
    What should i do please suggest.

    • Hi Puja,
      Your ex-employer has not updated your date for service end. Ask them to update same, then you can withdraw.

  • last date of working is not added there in my UAN number, who will add the date and is it compulsory for withdarwing pf?

    • Hi Pawan,
      Please contact your ex-employer for the same.

  • I have 1 UAN no with 3 PF Accounts…
    is it necessary to withdraw previous employer PF amount

    i don’t want to withdraw old amount.

    if i left this amount on same UAN ill all interest and benefits on it ??? Please help

    • Hi Bhupendra,
      Firstly, if all accounts are mapped to one UAN, u can’t differentiate the account. also, please make sure to transfer the older accounts to a new one, only then the older account amount will fetch interest or else after 36 months of non-contribution it will be considered as a closed account.

  • Dear Sir

    Please advice, to claim PF withdraw for individual service e.g 02 Feb 2018 (Pune) end and another last service 14 may 2018 (West Bengal) ,as I have applied for my previous service e.g 14 May (West Bengal) but for last previous service (2nd Feb 2018)I could not able to apply because it is not been display in claim form (31,19 & 10C), where in it can be seen in service history.

    I am having one UAN account only but service was under different state West Bengal & Pune. I am still unemployed.

    • Hi Saibal,
      Before applying for withdrawal apply for 1st account transfer to 2nd account. After the transfer, you can withdraw in one go

  • without PAN Card is possible or not to claim online PF

    • Sir, it is possible to withdraw but with 20% tax deduction

  • hello Sir

    I have applied for 100% of Employee + Employer Contribution EPF withdrawal for Construction of House . will it get rejected . please advise,


    • Hi Madhavan,
      Approval will depend on your RO officer.

  • HI All,

    i have submitted online claim on 3rd Jan and status changed to ” sent to field office” on 4th Jan. after that status showing under process only.

    i have all the KYC updated and there is no issue. can you please guide?

    • Hi Sumit,
      Please contact the concerned RO of PF

  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have completed my online PF withdraw claim request on 23 Jan 2019, But still it’s showing under process? As per portal it’s showing claim must have been clear within 10 days.

    • Please contact the concerned RO of PF

  • Dear Team –
    Need your help .
    I have 4 PF accounts under one UAN . The First account end date is May 2015. I am trying to withdraw my PF online , It only select last account where I was working two Months back. I have left my job 2 Months back and wanted to withdraw amount in first account which is de-activated since May 2015. What is option where I can choose first account instead of automatically being selected last account ?

    Can I submit hard copy or still can be done online ?

    Kindly suggest ?

    • As you have all the PF accounts under one UAN, you will not be able to withdraw it individually. TRansfer all the earlier 3 account amounts to 4th account and withdraw in one go.

  • Hi,

    Currently i am not working from last 4 months and want to withdraw my PF amount (all KYC verified).
    I have worked for two different companies in past 3 years with single UAN number, but not transferred Company1 PF amount to Company2 PF account.

    Query: when i am trying to trying to claim for complete PF withdrawal it is showing only Company2, so do i need to first transfer company1 PF amount to company2 PF account to withdraw both amount or separately also i can withdraw ?

    Please advise, Thanks in advance.

    • Sir, As you have used one UAN at both the companies, you have to first transfer the company 1 to company 2 and then go for withdrawal. Separate withdrawal is not allowed in this case.

  • Hi, this is lavanya.
    I took resignation in my company on 2January I want to withdraw my PF amount.if I withdraw mean can I get full amount or not

    • Hi Lavanya,
      Yes, you can withdraw the full amount after 2 months of resignation provided you have not completed 10years of service.

  • Hi sir
    I have applied online advance pf withdrawal from the EPFO site. I have completed the kyc only pan is not verified. How much TDs will be deducted can yoj please educate. Thanks

    • Hi Raghu,
      TDS will be deducted at 20% on the Total amount.

  • Hi,

    I applied through on line for Form-19 (EPF Final Settlement), and Form-10C (EPS Withdrawal/SC) on 23-01-2019 but still its showing under process

    and Employee share Rs is 38,694,Employer Share is Rs 11,831 Pension Contribution is Rs 24,761

    How much Tax they will detect my account and when I will get it amount.


    • Hi Madhan,
      Please wait for few more days as the process may take some were around 5-15 days.
      TDS will be deducted on the whole amount at 10%

    • hi,
      • 5 to 15 days its means Pf office working days or non-working days??
      • still showing same status, Can you share the online claim approval process flow??


    • Hi Madhan,
      The days mentioned are working days excluding holidays. If not done in the given time period, please contact the concerned RO of PF

  • My service period is less than 5 years, pf amount is less than 50,000 PAN kyc not done in UAN will TDS apply on withdrawl.?

    Thank you.

    • As PAN is not given, TDS will be deducted at 20% on the amount.

  • Hi I’m Ravi,

    I have submitted by EPF advance claim on jan 12th 2019 and it was sent to field office on same day of jan12th, from that date status shows “Under Process”, but yesterday( jan 26th 2019) when i have checked my passbook it shows amount been withdraw from passbook but acount didnt credit to my bank. but status remains still as “under process”. Then i also checked status at, they it stating “no status available”. Please

    • Hi Ravi,
      Please wait for 2-3 days. Still, if the amount is not credited, contact your RO with PF Passbook and bank passbook copy.

  • sir
    how to withdraw pf of our employee online i am employer (official staff in HR dept) dont know online withdrawl of pf please help

    • 1. Ensure that all employees submit their KYC in EPFO portal
      2. Verify and approve their KYCs OR they can verify via ITD or UIDAI
      Once these things are in place, employees can withdraw PF online.

      P.S: If you want to educate your employees on this process, you can share this post with your employees and get them set up for the process.

  • Hi,
    i have worked for a company in 2010-2012, after leaving this company i have traveled to abroad.
    Recently I came back to india and joined in another oganization, my HR opened new PF account for me and UAN.
    Now I am unable to add my old PF account to the UAN, since this is very old account.
    Can you please guide me how to withdraw this amount.

    • Please contact your ex-employer as that account is not under UAN.

  • Hi….where do i fill form 15G online for non deduction of tax on PF withdrawal

    • Hi Priya,
      Currently, there is no provision to fill 15G under online claim.

  • HI Sir i have worked 6 months in previous organization and applied online PF form 19 but when i applied form 10C also it is showing DATE OF EXIT IS LESS THAN 2 MONTHS FROM TODAY OR TOTAL SERVICE IS LESS THAN 6 MONTHS what is the meaning for this..?

    • Hi Sreenath,
      You can apply for 10C only after 2 months of Date of Exit from the company. Please apply after the time period.

  • hi sir
    i am working 4 year and 8 month know i need some money can i claim my part of pf amount as advance, if yes means how to claim sir

    • No, you are not eligible for Partial Withdrawal

  • I want to withdraw my previous company PF but while applying for the same previous company details afre not showing there under claim tab, Please help me how to apply the same.

    • Hi Seema,
      The date of Exit may not be updated by your employer… please contact them to update it

  • My epf claim only show under process 10/01/2019 claim submit date and today 14/01/2019.


  • Sir,

    I have following Queries-

    1) can UAN number be generated for Old In-operative Account for year 2007-2008 ?
    2) How can I get Date of Joining and Date of Leaving details if my Ex-employer is lost.
    3)If I Physically Visit Regional EPFO , The process of My Name correction if required may resolve in one day?
    4) How can I follow up for above process and check the progress..

    • Hi Sameer,
      1) Currently, the facility is withdrawn. Please contact Inoperative A/c Helpdesk at EPFO website
      2) Please contact the Regional PF Office for the details
      3) NO, the process may take around 3-5 days after submission of details
      4) You shall be informed at your given contact details

  • thank you, sir, this is very informative article its help a lot .

  • It says name on pan does not match with uan

  • adhar is verifyed , should i change pan or adhar

  • Hi there,

    My KYC Is updated and adhar is linked . pan is still not verified name in adhar is v.raj and name adhar is raj.v
    how to go about , ,,,,

    • Hi Rajesh,
      Your PAN Name and UAN has to be the same. Hence, you have to change the PAN name as your aadhar is already verified

  • Hi,
    Is it possible to Tranfer funds from previous to new (Just 2 monthly only when joined new company from previous organization exit) & have one Account as One Member – One EPF Account & then withdraw money?

    • Yes. It would be best to transfer all your PF amount to one account. Pl contact your previous company for the process. As for withdrawal, you can only withdraw partial amount while you are still in employment. Just something to remember.

  • Recently, I left my job and joined another company. I am using the same UAN there. Can I withdraw my money from the previous PF where 2 different PF number as previous employer & current employer. Also, when i login to portal , i am able to see only current employer ID in Claim form but not previous employer id. My previous employer id already updated their Database & same can be seen under Service history where DOJ &DOE detailed mentioned.

    • Hi Vrijesh,
      You will not be able to withdraw as your previous employer account is merged with the current one.

  • Dear Sir,
    Please help me Online Claim PF
    my name in PF ACCOUNT is RAJESH SAH but in adhaar RAJESH SHAH how I apply online application for claim

  • Hi,
    I’m Steffi.. I left the org on April 12th 2018.. but i could complete online procedure for pf claim on 26th Dec 2018.. and while entering PAN details i could not save it.. It shows error like your name in PAN and UAN differs it doesnt match.. When i contacted my org they told it wil be of no problem and dey told even they also faced same prob wen dey saving my PAN in my account.. and also my name is there in place of my father’s name.. I’m quite disturbed since it wil create any problem while withdrawal.. Added to that, how many days it wil take for pf withdrawal after completing online procedure for pf claim???


    • Hi Steffi,
      In the case of Name mismatch, withdrawal cannot be done until it is set right. Hence, if you wish to go with online claim please change PAN name as in PF account. Secondly, if it is not possible, you can go for the offline claim through your ex-employer. In both the cases, it may take 3-25 days,

  • Hi,

    I had left my old organisation and it had 1 UAN number.
    When i joined new company, they created a new UAN.

    To claim from old organistaion, can i link AADHAR to two UAN number as it needs to be claimed?
    Pls help

  • Dear Sir,
    Please help me Online Calim PF Advance ( From No.31) setlled if the member is not eligible for any services like PF withdrawal or pension withdrawal due to their service criteria, then that option will not be displayed in the .Form19 –Form-10C Complete PF withdrawal only From No.31

  • sir,
    meine job chhoda 1 sal ho gaya he abhi muje mera pf withdral karna he lekin pan card upadate nahi ho raha he error aa ja ta he name is not mismatch abhi me bina pan card se withdrawal kar sakta hu kitana tax lagegea ya nahi or employer or employee dono amount milega baki sari details mene upadated he please help..

    • Sir, You can contact your ex-employer to claim offline. In case your service period is less than 5 years and the withdrawal amount is more than Rs. 50,000, TDS @ 10% will be deducted.

  • Hello Sir/Madam,

    When I go to Online Service Option And Click on Claim So I get this message “Please update your latest Bank account no. and valid IFSC details through your employer/Unified Portal” I have update my bank details of my same organisation salary accounts .so now what to do .We can not update another bank account details for PF withdrawl.

  • i am workng in the same college but i canceled my EPF account, how do i withdraw my full pf balance

  • UAN portal is not getting accessed……any issue in the portal?

  • Hello Sir/Madam,

    Actuallly I have apply for online PF claim .When I login so my UAN details not match with my Aadhar card details so I was modify it on 21/12/2018 but still its status pending so .How many time it will take for modification ..plz help me out what I do now .

  • Hi Team,
    I can see 4 Account in my service list , I left my 2nd Organisation on 3-oct-2018 , and joined 3rd Organisation on 8-oct-2018 , but due to some region absconded 3rd organisation and now serving to 4th.
    I have never requested to transfer my pf ,now i want withdraw the pf from my 2nd organisation.But i can see that in service profile
    2nd-Organisation DOJ EPF -15/01/2015 DOE EPF-3/oct/2018.
    3rd-Organisation DOJ EPF – 08/10/2018 DOE EPF -not available.
    4th-Organisation DOJ EPF- 02/11/2018 DOE EPF -not available.

    What next i am suppose to do , to withdraw the PF.
    Thanks in Advance

  • I am trying to withdraw my PF and towards end of the online claim it shows that my phone and email are not linked to Adhaar. Could you please let me know what I need to do next?
    Also what shall I do for the offline appication? Apart from the form, do I need to send anyother documents and to whom shall I send the form?

    • Hi Abhi,
      For updating your PHONE AND EMAIL, goto nearest aadhar center and get it done. For offline application, download the form fro EPFO website and send it directly to the concerned PF Office. You have to submit PAN Copy, Cancelled Cheque Leaf which has your name in it and Declaration in Form 15G if you are not applicable under the income tax.

    • Hi sir,

      When i try to update my Aadhaar and pan card it showing error meesge “Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data.
      could you help me out to reselove the issue.

    • Sir this error occurs when the UAN data does not match with Aadhaar. You can check with your HR to see which data is not matching and how it can be rectified.

  • I have try to update KYC but this is not done.
    I already 15 – 20 times try to update my pan and Aadhar but this error always comes.
    Please suggest.

    • Hi Pradip,
      What does the error show? If its name mismatch then make sure to have your name in PAN, AADHAR & PF same. Only then the KYC can be updated

  • Hello Team,

    I have Multiple Queries.

    1, My Name is a bit long so there is name mismatch in Aadhar and PAN, My Banking details is as per PAN, hence I am getting an error message as name mismatch when trying to update PAN, Now where do I change the details and what should I do to withdrew my PF.

    2, I am working right now, so can I withdraw partial PF from my current employer, as I had heard we can withdraw partially that is 75% of it, I just want the clearity on this.


    • Hi Syed,
      Here are the answers to your queries.
      1. Please change your name in AADHAR as per PAN Details post which you can go for Online Withdrawal
      2. Yes, you can partially withdraw you PF for specific reasons provided you meet the required criteria.

  • HI ,

    I am currently working, I need to withdraw PF from my old organization .When I tried applying for PF in online, my present organization is showing up am not able to apply only the previous company’s PF amount. Kindly advice how to apply the old PF amount alone.

    • Hi Archana,
      If you have transferred your PF from old to the new organization, then you will not be able to withdraw it. If it is not transferred, then login to old UAN login and go for the Claim.

    • I am currently working, I need to withdraw PF from my old organization .When I tried applying for PF in online, my present organization is showing up am not able to apply only the previous company’s PF amount. Kindly advice how to apply the old PF amount alone.

    • Hi Kailash,
      Please check if you had transferred your old account to current. If yes, then you will not be able to withdraw now. Else please log in to your old account and apply.

  • My epf claim shows ‘claim settled’ but when I checked there has been no transaction in the bank account linked to my PF account. What should I do?

    • Please contact the concerned PF office

  • Hi, I am currently working for a MNC since the last 3 years, i transferred my earlier PF account to my current employer total years of working is 4 and half years. i am planning on settling abroad in the next 2 months, can I withdraw my PF online without informing my employer and will i get taxed because I am moving abroad permanently?

    • Hi Jennifer,
      No. You will not be able to withdraw the amount as online withdrawal is possible only after 2 months of Date of Leaving update by the employer to the PF Department.

  • Hi,
    I have worked for a total of 16 yrs and joined multiple organisations . Now that I have finally left job ( more than 1 year back) , I am trying to withdraw PF online . It shows the status of the last employer – with whom I was for 4.5 yrs only. It stated the reason as “Cessation:Short Service” . Why is it stating it as Short service ?I have consolidated all my PF accounts every time changed employer so it should have the complete history.
    Also – can i withdraw the pension as well ? Will that be a seperate withdrawl – using the same online steps ?
    Would appreciate if you can help me with the same.

    • Hi Sonali,
      Generally, any employee who leaves before retirement will be updated as SHORT SERVICE. Hence, your employer too had mentioned the same. Secondly, even if you have consolidated the accounts from your previous employers, the current account will show only the current employment duration. To know on the complete, take a look at your PF Passbook.
      As you had consolidated all your account which exceeds 10 years, you will not be able to withdraw your pension amount.

    • Thanks a lot for your response. Very rarely you get to see a prompt and response with clarity.
      You mention : As you had consolidated all your account which exceeds 10 years, you will not be able to withdraw your pension amount.

      When will I be able to withdraw the pension amount ? Why does it show me the option to be able to withdraw the amount ?
      Also – I am assuming this PF withdrawl would be expemted from Tax.
      Appreciate your response,


    • Hi Surendra,
      The length of the service is the total period mentioned in your PF Account. If you have previous employment, transfer the same to the current account which will add to your service range.

  • Hi sir,

    I have done all the procedure that has been metioned above to claim PF ADVANCE and at the end after entering OTP it has come “OTP Has Been Verified , eKYC Updated And PF Advance Withdrawal Claim Form Submitted Successfully On Unified Portal. Please Click Here to view pdf” so i downloaded the pdf claim form and here i am not seeing any reference no generated and if this form only will be the proof ,please suggest how much days it will take to credit the amount in our bank account …please reply

    • Sir, It may take around 5-10 days for credit of amount in your account.

  • form 10-C settled & form-19 in under process means what?

    Still pf amount is not credited in my account

    • Hi Hemant,
      It means PF withdrawal is under process.

    • Hi,

      I have applied claim by 29th Jan 2019,but still now the status is “UNDER PROCESS” Kindly suggest whether I should for some more time or raise an grievance to EPFO office.

    • Hi Anand,
      Please contact your concerned RO for PF

  • Hi Team,

    I have left the my previous company last 2 month before, I asked to my HR for PF withdrawal he said we are not going to do anything now for PF you need to do everything online so have updated my mobile no and Adhar card details which is pending with employer. just want to know if I can go with off line procedure or not if yes just I need to fill the for and need to take signature from employer and submit at golibar maidhan PF office pune

    is that correct

    please advise

    thanks you

    • Hi Raylingu
      If your Aadhar details, PAN and Bank details are updated in UAN and verified, then go for the online process which is simple and easy. Else, you can go for the offline process where you are required to file the composite for and submit to you PF office with relevant documents. Your Employer signature is not required in case Aadhar is updated in UAN account.

  • hi i am trying for the online claim ,but here showing my aadhar card details not match with DOB and Gender

    kindly help for the same

    • Sir, Your Aadhar details may not be matching with your PF Account details. Rectify the wrong information and update.

  • Sir,
    i have completed my KYC details and verified also but when i am going to claim form, the mentioned below error i am receiving
    *** As your establishment is exempted in PF, please submit your withdrawal case to concerned Trust.***
    What it means?????

    • Hi Jyoti
      Your PF may be maintained by the PF Trust. Hence, the withdrawal has to be made through the concerned Trust. Please contact your employer.

  • Sir how much amount i withdraw from total contribution.

  • Dear Sir/Mam,

    I have left my job in Feb 2017. after that i am not working. i have served in that company for around 3.5 yrs. when i have applied for PF withdrawal through employer, it rejected due to name mis-match in PF account, bank acc. and PAN. I have changed my name as per the adhar in All of them.

    1. While updating eKYC it accepted adhar, Bank details but not accepting PAN, error says, name not matching with Income Tax Dept. How it is possible as i have got PAN card with name updated. I came to now that if PAN not submitted then around 30% tax is applicable on the withdrawal amount

    2. when i am trying to withdraw online by using adhar, i can able to see only partial withdraw option (form 31) not full.

    – my previous company was closed and there is no HR to help me out from employer side.

    Please help me to solve the issue and withdraw full amount by using online services.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Niranjan,
      Firstly, please know that the name, DOB & gender across your PF Account, Aadhar & PAN has to be the same. If mismatched in any one of these, it will lead to details mismatch and you will not be able to go for online withdrawal.

      For 1) Please check if you have initials in Aadhar and full name in PAN. In that case, the name will be mismatched. i.e., If in Aadhar it is given as Sakshi S and in PAN it is Sakshi Suresh. For PAN, check in the ITD website how it is available in the database as that displayed on PAN Card is only display name and not database name. If any mismatch exists, please do required changes.

      For 2) For online withdrawal, your ex-employer should have updated your date of leaving. Only then withdrawal form will be available. Please check under profile if the date is updated, if not contact your ex-employer.

  • Hi Sir,

    I have left the previous organisation and this account is old. Now, can I withdraw the epf only? Or, can I also withdraw the pension amount by selecting the “pension only” option. My question is that are there rules for pension withdraw? Also, can I put both withraw forms at the same time?


    • Hi Saloni,
      Yes, you can withdraw both PF & Pension amount. Pension can be withdrawn only if your service is below 10 Years. Both withdrawals have to be done using separate forms i.e., Form 19 & 10C respectively.

  • HI Sir,

    I have left my previous job and want to withdraw the pf amount in the UAN portal.

    My question is can I withdraw only the pension amount by filling the Form 10 C?

    I look forward to your response.

    Best Regards,


    • Yes sir, you can withdraw only the pension amount by filling the Form 10 C.

  • As I left job I also close my salary account which was linked with PF account. Now I have to withdraw my PF balance what can I do? Is it transfer in another account? Please help….

    • Hi Juilee,
      Please login to your UAN Account, update the latest bank account and get it approved by the concerned employer with whom you had the PF account. After the details are approved, you can go for the online claim.

  • I applied online claim on 12 Oct’18 & on 31 Oct’18, still status is showing under process. Plz confirm within how many days pf amt will get credited in my account

    • Sir, online claim process will take about 3-15 days to be completely processed depending on your RO of EPFO. If you claim is still pending/processing after 15 days, please raise a grievance at EPFO website.

    • this worked in my case. i waited for 2 months. status remaind ‘under oricess’. i raised complaint in greivance , they paid me in next 3 days!!

  • HI TEAM,
    i left the job on August 09,2018 but in the UAN PORTAL when went for the claim of the PF amount i am not getting the option as complete withdrawal though my KYC details are updated. kindly do the needfull


    • Madam, If your employer has not updated your date of leaving, then you will not be able to withdraw online. Hence, check for the details under your profile and if not updated, contact your employer for the same.

  • claim status shows *claim settled* what it means and how i received the same in account. plz help

    • Sir, it will be reflected in the bank account linked with your PF account.


    • Sir, the Online claim will take 3-15 days time depending on the Regional Office.

    • Thanks For Information

  • I have done this,but got rejected why

    • Thanx for giving this useful information.

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