Top 10 biometric companies in India
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Top 10 biometric companies in India

In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 biometric companies in India, places where the biometric systems in India are being used, where can you get the best biometric system in India and can we consider biometric technology secure. 


In the current scenario, biometric systems are trending and capturing the market. You will get that the numerous biometric systems are being used for several purposes everywhere, such as security, real-time tracking, identification purpose, and other purposes. A Biometric system is assigned with unique physiological and behavioral features of the human and used to give access to secure the data. Biometrics grants access to authorized persons on authorized information. Without the authorized information or verification, no one can get access. To get the access, you have to provide the access fingerprint, face recognition, palm, voice, retina, card and others. Therefore, we will see which are the places where the best biometric systems in India are being used. 

Which are the places where the best biometric systems in India are being used?

Usually everywhere, but there are several places where biometric systems are being used more, such as mobile phones, established organizations: companies, factories, educational institutions, and others.

Mobile Phones Almost all the android mobiles are integrated with biometrics, so you can secure all data and other information only with one lock, which could be a fingerprint, face recognition, number lock or pattern lock. You can make your transaction through mobile, which makes the payment secure and ensures that no forbidden user is making payment or using the app or your bank accounts. 

Established organizations –  Almost all the organizations use the biometric system for marking attendance and tracking the real-time, also managing the payroll with the help of biometrics. Before, when no such time and attendance device existed, manually managing time and attendance was tedious and time-consuming. 

Top 10 biometric companies in India

Following are the top 10 biometric companies of India in no particular order:

Company Name 





Matrix comsec

matrix Ganesh Jeevni, founding memberIt provides the solutions of time & attendance, access control biometrics and other security systems.  matrix device


incightsVarun ChandraIt is a voice-based biometric provider company. Voice-based biometrics replacing the password with the voice authentication system. And verify with the voice application such as mobile or IVR to provide the security. 


SecuraxPrasanna Kotha, Deepak N Belavadi, and Praveen Gongi reddyIt is also a biometric solution provider that provides biometrics, RFID, surveillance and other safety systems.securax


signzyAnkit Ratan, Arpit Ratan and Ankur PandeyA technology-based company provides the ‘Digital Contract’ contract management, background, and forgery detection systems that are enabled by biometrics and Aadhar. 

Technowin solution

M.Pandey, Yogendry Asher and Jitendra Asher

Technowin provides the payroll and attendance-based solution.

With 60 years of experience in payroll solutions. 



uniphoreUmesh SachdevIt is specialized in virtual assistants, speech recognition biometrics, enterprise mobility, customer experience and speech analytics.   

Dheeram Innovations

Dheeram Deepa PandiIt is the manufacturer & supplier of a biometric-based company, which is integrated with the attendance, fingerprint, card-based, face recognition & access control system.   Dheeram

FRSLabs (Fraud risk & security solutions) 

FrslabsShankar, CEO

It is a technology company that specializes in customer onboarding, fraud prevention solutions and authentication for business.

FRSLABS is providing a voice-based biometric system.


Pentagon engineers 

pentagon engineersSairaman mudaliarThe Pentagon provides the solutions for all types of biometrics, such as fingerprint, attendance and time management, payroll management, and others.  pentagon


actaekWizaisile PamaiIt is a cloud-based, web-leading RFID, access control, workforce management and payroll biometric system provider. acteck

Where can you get the best biometric systems in India?

In this digital world, anywhere you can get the best biometric system in India, numerous websites are available, and many companies provide you with all the biometric solutions. But, before buying, you need to understand your requirements and have to do some research. What kind do you need, and why do you want it? Because these companies are providing biometric solutions to India at the end of the point where you need. Along with them they offer you and give you some cash back or discounts. But the best biometric systems which are in use are fingerprint, face and voice recognition, card system, retina, and palm scanner are available, but it can be a bit costly. Usually, integrated biometrics with all the functions only companies are used. 

Can we consider biometric technology secure?

Currently, if you see, you will get the people who are worried about data security, although they don’t want to spend a lot of time in one work where that work can complete within a second or with one click, without any errors. Along with that, you can save the data for a long-time and get all the details whenever you want, except no one can collect the information.

So, to save the data, for security purposes and other purposes, the innovation of biometric technology will be helpful for all your purposes. However, nowadays, people are more dependable on technology. So, the biometric technology uses highlights like retinal, iris, face recognition, fingerprint, and card output since the whole of the accompanying has less likelihood of duplication. Using biometrics saves your valuable time, and the possibility of errors is low, which makes biometric technology secure. And it is easy to use and more productive, it takes approx 1-2 seconds of difference.  

This is the end of our discussion on Top 10 biometric companies in India. Let’s know your other questions and opinions on this topic. Mention below the comment box.

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