Classification Details Change of an Employee in Saral PayPack
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Classification Details Change of an Employee in Saral PayPack

Hi, in this post, we will see the Classification Details Change of an Employee in Saral PayPack.

Classification details in Saral PayPack refer to employment details of the employee like department, designation, branch, salary structure any many more. These details are entered during the employee master creation and are changed on the due course due to the change of various details of the employee in terms of promotion, branch transfer etc.

In SaralPayPack, to change the classification details, go to the Employee Master and select the employee for whom the change is required to be done.

As the salary is processed for the previous months, the classification details cannot be changed on the screen. To change the details, go to the “…” button in the Classification box.


1.Classification Details Change of an Employee-Button

Now, the classification window will be displayed. Click on New and enter the date from which the new classification is applicable. After entering the date, change the required classification and save.


2.Classification Details Change of an Employee-New

Note: In case of Mid-month changes in classification details, then the Salary Structure also needs to be changed.

Likewise, any details of the employee can be changed. To view the classification details and the changes made, click on Info link.


3.Classification Details Change of an Employee-Info

Here, one can view the details of the employee as entered in the employee master.


4.Classification Details Change of an Employee-Master

Also, the classification change details are available.


5.Classification Details Change of an Employee-Change

These details can be exported to an excel sheet on right-click at the screen.

This completes the process of Classification details change in Saral PayPack.



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