Extended Classification Fields in Saral PayPack
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Extended Classification Fields in Saral PayPack

Hi, in this post, we will see the working of Extended Classification Fields in Saral PayPack.

Extended Classifications are used when additional details are to be captured other than the main classifications already provided in Employee Master. This also helps to create classification which may be required to be changed in the mid-of-the-month without a change in Salary Structure.

In Saral PayPack, one can create Extended Classification by following the below process;

To create the classification, go to Classification Details Caption under Master menu.

1.Extended Classification-Master

In the displayed window, we can see the main classification details with their master records. If required, the caption of classifications can be changed in this window.

2.Extended Classification-Main

Note: Change in Classification caption will affect the details in Employee Master and related processes.

To create Extended Classifications, click on Ext. Class.

3.Extended Classification-Class

In the window of Extended Classification Caption, enable the required number of classification, enter the classification name and save.

4.Extended Classification-Caption

Once updated, enable or enter the related details of classification like;

  • If the classification is to be made available in Expression Editor to create expressions, then enable Use Expression Edition
  • Click on “…” button under Master and enter the master records for the classification.5.Extended Classification-Use
  • If the classification is to be made as a mandatory field, then enable Mandatory Y/N option and if the classification does not contain any master records then enable Without Master Y/N option.6.Extended Classification-Without
  • To Import/Export the details, an option is provided and the details can be imported/exported to/from Excel.

7.Extended Classification-Export

These classifications can be viewed and updated in the Employee Master Window.

Go to Classification block in Employee Master and click on Ext. Class.

8.Extended Classification-Classification

Here, enter the period from when the classification is applicable: select the classification type and details and save.

9.Extended Classification-Period

Similarly, the details can be updated whenever the changes occur.

This completes the working of Extended Classification in Saral PayPack.


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