Registration Renewal in Saral PayPack
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Registration Renewal in Saral PayPack

In this post, we will discuss the process of registration renewal in Saral PayPack once the software is updated. This is the second part in Saral PayPack updation process. In our previous post, we saw how to update the software to the latest version.

Firstly, to register to make sure that you have upgraded to the latest version of Saral PayPack.

Now, go to Registration under Registration Menu.

1.Registration Renewal in Saral PayPack-Registration menu

The registration window opens. Here, select the applicable product category and financial year from the drop-down i.e. Premium, Standard, Corporate, Professional, etc.

2.Registration Renewal in Saral PayPack-Product category

Note: The selection has to be according to the invoice done to you. Please verify once with the invoice raised to you by Relyon.

Next, select the type of user license taken. There are two types of user license:

  • Single user – connected to a single system
  • Multi-user – multiple systems connected in LAN

Licensing as Single user

Select the option Single user and enter the Customer ID and PIN as mentioned in the invoice. After entering the details, click on register.

3.Registration Renewal in Saral PayPack-Single user

Note: Make sure that the system is connected to the internet for registering the software.

After clicking on Register, if the registration is successful, a message will be prompted saying software Registration successful.

4.Registration Renewal in Saral PayPack-Software registration

Note: In case, the Customer ID or PIN entered is wrong or you select a wrong product category, then the registration process will be unsuccessful and you should contact Relyon Support for the completion of the process.

Licensing as Multi-User

In this type of licencing, one system in the LAN will be made as to the server and the remaining will be connected to the server as client systems.

The license details will be stored in the server system and the client will be fetching the license by connecting to the server.

Hence, the registration will be first done on the server system. Select the option Multi-user and then select Server option. Then follow the procedure as in Single user registration.

5.Registration Renewal in Saral PayPack-Server option

Once you complete the registration on the server system, go to the client system and enter the Server Name or Server IP and click on Register.

6.Registration Renewal in Saral PayPack-Client system


Ensure that the license manager is running in a server system with permission granted for the client.

This completes the process of registering Saral PayPack on updating to a new version.

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