Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack
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Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack

In this post, we will see the working of the Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack.

Reimbursement is the amount which the employee will get only after they have spent it. In order to claim reimbursement, it should be defined by the company.

In Saral PayPack, you can process Reimbursement in the separate module for monthly payroll computation.

Firstly, in order to enable Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack, go to Option Settings under Initial Settings Menu.

1.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-Option settings

Here, enable Reimbursement under Additional tab.

2.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-additional tab

Note: Enable Food coupon if the employer provides Food coupons to employees.

Next, to process the reimbursement, go to Reimbursement under Pre-Salary Transactions Menu. Here, click on the Master option to enter the details of reimbursement given to the employee.

3.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack- Pre-salary transcations

In the Master screen, enter the details of the reimbursement.

4.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-master screen

  • Reimbursement Name: Name of the reimbursement as to be displayed in Payslip
  • Reimbursement Type: Select the type for the dropdown which is necessary for tax exemption and computation purpose.
  • TDS Ref: Select the head of TDS under which the reimbursement will be taxable.
  • Allotment Type: Select the applicable type based on the allotment of the amount to employee i.e., whether there will be monthly allotment of expense to be done by an employee or Lumpsum amount to be allotted on yearly basis or no allotment in case of reimbursements are paid on actual basis.
  • Mode of Payment: Select from the drop-down on the payment mode, generally Paid in Salary.
  • Limit Exemption: Select on how the exemption has to be accounted for the reimbursement.

You can enable other options as per your requirement.

Next, if any of reimbursement is set for Monthly or Lumpsum allotment, then you can allot the amount to each employee in Allotment screen.

5.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-allotment screen

Here, click on Multi Allot to make an allotment for multiple employees. In case, the allotment has to be done to a single employee then enter the details one-by-one and save.

6.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-multi alot

In Multi Allot window, select the reimbursement type and financial year. Enter the amount to be allotted and click on Valid Months only to allot the amount only for working months. On click of Refresh, it will display the list of employees. Select the employees for whom the allotment is to be done through Filter option or through the individual selection and then click on Save.

7.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-valid months only

Once saved, the details of allotment will be shown on screen. If required, you can change the details.

In the case of LTA (Leave Travel Allowance) type of reimbursement, the allotment has to be done employee wise. During allotment, the Block period has to be selected from the dropdown. Also, the amount to be allotted can be entered directly or can be derived through the Formula.

8.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-LTA type

To enter LTA opening balance (within the block period), right-click on the screen and select LTA Opening Balance.

9.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-LTA opening balance

Here, select the FY and Block period. You will get a list of employees for the selected year and block period. Enter the opening balance and save. In case any amount is carried forward from the older year, the same you can view here. The amount entered will be added to the amount allotment in the current year.

10.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-Opening balance and save

Next, when the employee claims for the reimbursement, the details of such claim have to be entered under Claim.

11.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-under claim

Here, for multiple employee claim, go to Multi Claim and enter the required details.

12.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-multi claim

Here, enter the required details as applicable.

13.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-enter details


  • In multi Claim screen, if the employee claims the entire allotted amount, click on AutoFill to claim the complete amount.
  • If you want to consider the claim as a taxable amount, enable Taxable checkbox.

If you claim individually, then enter the details in the main screen and save.

14.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-details in main screen

For LTA, after the year-end, if the amount has to be carried forward / lapsed / paid to the employee, such information can be given under LTA Adjust which can be viewed on right-click on the screen.

15.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-LTA adjust

Here, select the required and entered the details as per the requirement and save.

16.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-enter details and save

The bill details for the claims done are entered in the Bill details screen.

17.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-bill details screen

You can enter the bill details one-by-one, against each employee and claim reimbursement.

18.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-enter bill details

Else, you can import the details from Excel by clicking on Import. The bill details amount entered will be auto-adjusted against the claimed amount and the balance utilizable/pending will be shown.

So, the Food Coupons monthly disbursement is done through Food Coupon Issue option.

19.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-Food coupon

Here, click on Bulk Issue and enter the details of the FC issue in the displayed screen. On save, the details will be taken up for salary processing and the same will display in the Payslip.

20.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack--bulk issue

However, the amount claimed or Food Coupon issued will be displayed in the Payslip of the employee in the claim/issue month.

21.Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack-payslip of the employee

You can also learn about Reimbursement in general here:

Finally, this ends the post on the Reimbursement module in Saral PayPack. We hope you found it useful, also let us know by commenting below.

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