Attendance Management Software: Meaning & Benefits
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Attendance Management Software: Meaning & Benefits

Welcome. In today’s post, we discuss what attendance management software is and why it is important. Also, we see what the features you should look for in a good attendance management system.

What is an Attendance Management Software?

Attendance management is the process of maintaining the presence or absence of any employee in order to be able to calculate the salary. While this can be done manually, it leaves a lot of room for error. For this reason, using an attendance management system comes in handy.

With such an automated system in place, you can not only maintain an attendance system which is error-free, but you can also maintain complex rules and policies without much of worry. Once set based on the rule specified, the system will automatically go on managing attendance and leave settings without any manual work from your hand.

This is the most primary benefit of using an attendance management system software. It automates the entire process of attendance and leaves.  This is of vast importance to strengthen the productivity of employees in any establishment.

Benefits of attendance and leave management software:

  • Automate attendance and leave policies:

    • You can define the attendance in the beginning as a single-time setting. It will then be a repeatable process over time. Similarly, you can define leave at the start of a financial year and then let it operate on its own.
  • Define policies based on location and/or designation:

    • Let us consider an example. Say, you are maintaining complex leave rules based on an employee’s location and/or designation. This can be automatically by using attendance management software.
  • Define and maintain shifts:

    • Maintaining shifts of employees is hard enough but if you have to use it to calculate payroll manually, it will take a lot of effort. By using an automated system, you can eliminate the potential errors and integrate the attendance into payroll without any hassle.
  • Manage over-time easily:

    • If you are into sectors which allows over-time for employees, then you don’t have to be present to monitor their hours. Overtime settings will help you manage this.
  • Integrate with biometric devices:

    • One of the most important features of any attendance management system is integration with any biometric device. Integration with a bio-metric system is a very important feature. This system allows you to automatically calculate attendance and salary based on the no. of hours along with OT (if applicable).
  • No more proxies:

    • If you are unable to maintain the unique presence of employees, then an attendance management software which is integrated with a biometric device is your best friend. Not only will it help you calculate the unique presence of the employee, but it will also make this an automatic process so you can focus on other more important tasks.
  • Manage leave and attendance on the go:

    • Another important benefit of the leave management system is that anyone can access their profiles from a mobile device which means applying and approving leaves will become an easy and on-the-go process. Just a click and you are done.
  • Increase your productivity:

    • Your productivity will increase since all basic tasks will be done automatically. You don’t have to monitor or perform mundane tasks anymore. The system also gives you the summary and MIS reports which will help you with better decision-making ability.

benefits of Attendance management software

In summary, the benefits of attendance management software include:

  1. Automation of attendance and leave policies
  2. Defining policies on the basis of location or designation
  3. Easy management of shifts and over-times
  4. Integration with biometric devices of various types
  5. Unique and accurate attendance for each employee
  6. Managing attendance and leave anywhere, anytime
  7. Increase in productivity and decision-making ability

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does attendance management software work?

Attendance management software works based on the task of monitoring employees’ time & attendance. To keep track of employees’ working hours, leaves, punch in and out and others using manual registers, computerised systems or biometric and non biometric devices.

What features do we need to see before buying an attendance management system?

Before buying or opting for an attendance management system, we should see the certain features, such as 

  • User friendly 
  • GPS Integration 
  • Shift management 
  • Seamless Integration with other devices and softwares

That is our list of the most important benefits you will get by implementing an attendance management software. Do you agree with our list? Have you seen any other benefits? Comment and let us know.

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