Benefits of Employee Self Service Portal (ESS Portal)
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Benefits of Employee Self Service Portal (ESS Portal)

Hello. In this post, we will be discussing the benefits of ESS or Employee Self Service Portal.

We will be discussing the following topics:

What is Employee Self Service Portal (ESS Portal)?

Employee Self-service portal (ESS) software allows employees to manage their personal records and payroll-related details. Employees can update their contact details, apply for leaves, view payslip, and Form 16A, etc. on an ESS portal.  Each employee will have an individual account with the login information which will reflect their details.

In an organization, you have to deal with a host of changing compliance issues, confidential employee information, timely payments, and a host of other things.

Now, what if a magician could step into your office and magically clear your backlogged emails, papers on your desk and installed a button to get your time-consuming tasks done in a jiffy? Your work week is all organized and you would probably be excited. Not only will you be happy, but your employees will be happy as well.

While we are not leasing out magicians, we have something close. An employee self-service portal that will keep you organized and your employees are happy. Now other than the magic, let us take a look at the other benefits an ESS portal will offer.

Benefits of Employee Self Service Portal(ESS Portal)

  • Accessible

Most people use their smartphones to access some information on a daily basis like news, directions etc. Providing your employees with a mobile app ESS allows them to easily access their personal work info from anywhere.

The benefit to you is visits to your office and your team can view and print their paychecks whenever they want. You can make change requests, update their personal info, and even sometimes print out their schedule for the week. In some ways, its like you’re available to your staff 24/7, without actually having to be.

  • Connected

ESS portals that operate on single platforms drop the need for unnecessary data entry, data synchronization, and clumsy integrations. Employee data and the inevitable changes flow directly into payroll and HR.

ESS not only connects data it also connects people. Many portals boast built-in company directories. It allows employees to browse team members by name or location and their contact info.

  • Personalized

Personalisation has become a hallmark of many next-generation HR portals.

ESS that allows companies to customize the employee portal to match their branding and logo are following this trend. You can take this a step further by using a system that allows your employees to upload a profile picture that appears on their dashboard and within the company directory.

The latest generation of employees and all of us have grown accustomed to instant access. Well-designed and feature-rich ESS portals offer a convenient benefit to your employees, boosting satisfaction and communication within your organization.

  • Leave estimation

Employees can have an idea on their leaves taken and the leaves remaining. They have complete visibility of their attendance. This can also be seen by other team members and higher-ups so that everyone can be on the same page.

  • Reduction of Cost

Employee Self Service is the best way towards a paperless office. It is a way of reducing human resource and payroll service costs. Also, it can lead to measurable time consumption.

In summary, the benefits of ESS includes:

    • 24×7 accessibility
    • Connection to different members of the team
    • Personalized portal for the employee which will accomplish various tasks
    • Leave estimation and application
    • Cost reduction with paperless HR and payroll services.

Benefits of Employee Self service Portal (ESS)


Why is employee self-service Important?

  • ESS helps to create a positive work culture and environment.
  • It helps to direct control or keep eyes on employment details and information.
  • It helps to create a larger employee engagement that includes various facilities, such as leave, employee details and others.

Are employee Self-Service login systems secure? 

HR departments have to deal with confidential information, such as employees’ data, financial details and others. That is why ESS systems are designed with attention to security and privacy for both employers and employees. To log in, ESS often uses two types of authentication systems for security. Such as password and authenticate ID using a USB security key or mobile phone. Also, it is integrated with the VPN, LAN and other authentic networks. So, yes, it is secure to login to your Employee Self-Service.

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  • In The ESS Saral Portal, do We Need To Enter The URL OF THe Compay Or not. This Is So Much Confusing.

    • You have to enter the customized URL given to access the ESS. If the application is hosted in company server, then it will be under the company website. If the application is hosted in Relyon server, then you will get a customized URL.

  • how to send bulk email payslip to employees

    • If you are a user of Saral PayPack, then this option is provided in both the software and ESS.
      If you are not using any software, you can try mail merging.
      If you want us to cover this in a post, then let us know.

  • My number is not registered in ESS so plzz registered my number

    • Sir, ESS has to be updated from your company’s HR or payroll officer. please contact them.