Employee time tracking
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Employee time tracking

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Usually, in every organisation, you will get the employee time tracking system to track the employee’s work and activities. This is especially applicable for remote workers wherein the full details of workday are monitored and recorded. And it provides insights into the organisations by analysing when employees are more productive for extensive periods.  tracking systems are available for all sizes of businesses. But, there are some rules and regulations to implementing the tracking system.

What is employee tracking?

Employee tracking is a kind of surveillance of the employee’s work activity.

Monitors or tracks the employees’ activities and locations by the employer. The main purpose is to monitor the employees to build up their workforce productivity, accurate and appropriate use of resources, on-time work, and prevent the data.

Types of employee monitoring

There are the following way to monitor the employee’s work activities with a different technology –

  • Email monitoring 

Employee monitoring software can scan employees’ incoming and outgoing emails to prevent confidential information, identify inappropriate behaviour, enforce data security policies and others.

  • Time tracking

>Through employee time tracking, you can ensure employees log in and log out when they do. However, it depends on your business size whether you can use a spreadsheet template or any other software tool.

  • Keystroke logging 

It is a monitoring feature that records employees’ activities, such as what employees are typing on their keyboards and employee monitoring programs that use employee keylogging that automatically captures and records the entire screens or screenshots.

  • Phone monitoring

Basically, Phone monitoring is used for quality assurance and to ensure that the employees are providing good customer service to the client or not. For example – you receive poor feedback on your phone call from your customers, that recording from calls can help you to find out the exact problems and where you can improve your products.

  • Internet monitoring

If you are conducting most of the work online, then internet usage is one of the essential things to your profits. So, through internet monitoring, you can easily track visited web pages and time durations. This tracking will ensure how much time is spent on another web page, social media and other pages.

  • Location monitoring (GPS Tracking)

Nowadays, GPS tracking is one of the necessary things to track the real-time data of the employees, such as delivery, postal and vehicles. Also, it allows you to track if drivers are using any shortcuts or quickest routes, time and any other updates for efficient delivery. Although, it will help you to improve the customer experience.

Importance of employee time tracking

  • Customer Loyalty 

For every employer, the first priority is to think about how customers need to be loyal to products and stay with them over other competitors. So, for that, you ensure how long they are being informed about where, what, and how they are spending money. For example – if your company bills customers for using products by hours, then they can get the accurate expenses with better understanding. Through this, you will create trust in your customers. That is good for your business.

What you are providing is proof of your business and your team’s persistent effort to keep them happy. That is the reason you bill them with the invoices categories, the billable and details of each item. When you do that, they will know that you are charging fairly as they are aware of the value and time that your team spends to provide service in return. That means you will get more referrals.

  • Problem Identification 

>From time to time, you need to keep your eyes to see what and why your employees are spending more time on one task. If yes, then you can identify the issues, why, where, and how they are stuck. If there are any issues, try to fix them accordingly. But, if issues continue for employees, then you should think about upskills and upgrades.

  • Central Database

You can centralise your data in one place in your system, where you can get it anytime and anywhere, with no need to search or keep all your data in a bundle.

An employee time tracking system is one of the essential parts of the organisation that provides you to keep all data in one place which you can share easily with your team or manager if needed. Also, it will help you to monitor employee time. You can save time, reduce confusion and you can ensure all little information is correctly entered without any errors or not. With the benefits of a system, manager and team can plan better and you can assure complete utilisation of resources, when you monitor employee time. For example – if you want to analyse data, that data will have another team. So you can allocate your data from another person.  

  • Authorization 

In India, companies are monitored by the state and central governments. They made some rules and regulations that employers and employees have to comply with numerous laws and regulations. If any mistakes are there, then it could be the reason for the statutory penalty.

For example – In the case of payroll, if an employer pays the employee less than the actual amounts that they deserve, they didn’t comply with the tax and regulations that the company did. However, only if you monitor the time and hours that employees spend, then there will be payroll errors.

Time tracking and updated payroll keep you far from penalties. So, as per the proof of time tracks, you can replace an employee with another employee if they are not putting well in his work. Even if knowing about an employee’s work attitude can help you to bring change and understand your employees better if they are struggling with any other issues, then you and HR can intervene at the moment.

This is the end of our discussion on employee time tracking. Let’s know your other questions and opinions on this topic. Mention below the comment box.

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