Data Porting and TDS computation in SPP
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Data Porting and TDS computation in SPP

In this post, we see on the step to port the existing data to TDS module within Saral PayPack and compute TDS based on the ported details.

After entering the declaration of the employees in the software, the details have to be ported to the inbuilt TDS module for TDS computation. To know the process of declaration form entry, Click Here.

To port the details, go to Port Details under TDS Details menu.

TDS details menu

The data from all related modules will be ported to the TDS module.

In the Port Details window, all the employees enabled for TDS computation with the displayed. Select the employees for whom the data has to be ported and click on Port Data.

Port details window - employees' list

Note: Data Port to be done before computing TDS.

In Port Details window, the month displayed are by default extrapolated for the whole year i.e. the data ported is for 12 months taking the consideration of the non-created months. The months listed in blue colour are such details.

data port - time period

Note: If the extrapolate of data is not required, then uncheck the option Extra Polate. This will consider the value of only created months for TDS computation. In case, if the data is already available and it is required to be overwritten, then enable Overwrite option.

The details ported can be viewed at View Ported Details under TDS Details menu.

view ported details

After porting the data, click on Compute Income Tax and the software will compute the Income Tax of all the employees based on the data ported.

TDS details menu- compute income tax

To view the computation, click on Computation details. This displays the TDS module and the computation done for each of the employees.

TDS details - computation details

In the computation, all the employees for whom TDS is computed will be listed and the computation summary will also be displayed. To view the details of computation, click on “…” button next to Monthly.

TDS computed list

In the detailed view screen, tab by tab the data will be displayed as ported from Saral PayPack.

view computation details

Note: No changes can be done to data on this screen. For any changes in value, do the edit in respective modules of Saral PayPack and port the data for computation.

This completes the above-mentioned process of Data Porting and TDS Computation in Saral PayPack.

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