Employee Master Creation in Saral PayPack
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Employee Master Creation in Saral PayPack

In this post, we will see about the various details to be entered during Employee Master creation in Saral PayPack.

Employee Master in Saral PayPack holds a major role in pay computation of the employee as it holds the complete details of an employee.

Before going to employee master make sure that you have done the basic settings like branch creation, salary structure and salary head creation, assigning salary heads to structure etc.

On completion of the basic settings, go to Employee Details under Master.

1.Employee Master creation in Saral PayPack - Master

The displayed window will show you on the various details to be entered in Employee Master.

2.Employee Master creation in Saral PayPack - Enter

Note: All Grey fields are mandatory entry fields.

Let us begin with the first segment of Employee master i.e. Employee Identification details.

Here, the Employee ID is auto taken by the software. If you have to provide any other number (as per the organization), you can enable Reference Number from Option Settings and provide the details.

Also, to be given the name of the Employee, Parents Name, DOB, Gender and Marital Status (All optional expect employee name).

3.Employee Master creation in Saral PayPack-ID

Note: To enable Reference Number, go to Option settings under Initial Settings and enable check Enable Ref. No. under General Tab. The Reference Number can be Alpha-Numeric combined details.

Next, enter the Employee Joining information. In this section, enter the employee’s joining date, from when the employee salary will be calculated in Saral PayPack is entered.

Also, when the employee leaves the organization, the last date of working and the reason for leaving is updated in this section.

4.Employee Master creation in Saral PayPack - section

Note: The date of Joining and date of salary calculation is different in case the organization has been doing the calculation in a different mode, earlier.

After joining details, enter the classification details of the employee. This includes the details of the employee designation, grade, division etc.

The default list for each of these can be entered by placing the cursor in the field and press on F5. Key in the default list and on completion, select the required form the dropdown.

5.Employee Master creation in Saral PayPack - Drop down

Also, to be entered in this section is the Branch, Attendance Type, Salary Account information and Salary Structure type.

Note: Branch has to be created in Branch Master, Attendance Type in Attendance Configuration and Salary Structure in Basic settings of salary.

Next, provide the statutory details applicable for the employee i.e. PF, ESI, PT & TDS. If it is applicable, then check the related and provide the details applicable like PF number, UAN number, PAN number etc.

6.Employee Master creation in Saral PayPack - UAN

The last part of the window is to enter the personal details of the employee like Address, Contact details and additional information like Aadhar Number etc.

7.Employee Master creation in Saral PayPack - Aadhar

Once all the details are entered, save the details and the employee will be list on the right top side of the window. Here, ordering of the employee can the done based on employee name, employee id or employee reference number.

8.Employee Master creation in Saral PayPack - refrernce

This completes the process of entering employee details in Employee Master of Saral PayPack.

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