Update KYC to EPFO Portal from Saral PayPack
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Update KYC to EPFO Portal from Saral PayPack

In this post, we will see the step-by-step process to update KYC to EPFO Portal from Saral PayPack software.

Every employee’s KYC (Know Your Customer) details should be updated to their respective accounts by the employer on employees’ joining of the organization. This process of uploading KYC to the EPFO portal from Saral PayPack is as explained below:

Pre-requisites for the process:

Employee Master has to be updated with the employee’s details such as:

  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank IFSC
  • Aadhar Number
  • UAN number

Firstly in Step 1, Go to PF/ESI Reports under Statutory Reports option in the Reports Menu.

update kyc to epfo 1- selection of PF/ESI Report

Step 2: In the displayed window, select the FY and click on e-Return

update kyc to epfo 2- select FY

Step 3: Now you can see the group details update window. Here, select the PF Group and click on Edit. Now, the extended window shown, select the applicable PF Office and click on Transfer. Then the PF office details are transferred to the main screen. Enter the Establishment code with Extension number (if any) and click on Save. On saving the details, click on ECR to continue.

update kyc to epfo 3- enter PF group details

Step 4: In the ECR generation screen displayed, select the FY and Month you want to update. Next, click Bulk KYC File Format link.

update kyc to epfo 4- Update FY

Step 5: In the KYC Bulk File Format display window, click on New to create a new batch of upload. Select the PF Group for which the KYC is being updated and enter the Batch Name. Click on Save to save the batch.

update kyc to epfo 5- Update KYC Bulk file format

Step 6: Now, add the employee list by a click on Add Emp. Once the employees are added, it will also list the related details depending on the Document Type selected i.e. Bank details or Aadhar number.

update kyc to epfo 6- to add employees

If the document type is any other type, select the same from the KYC Type Code list and provide the relevant details. When you finish all the entries, click on Save.

update kyc to epfo 7- enter KYC Typo Code details


If the employee does not have UAN, then to list such employee enable the option Show who does not hold UAN also.

Step 7: After saving the details, click on Validate to validate the information. On successful validation, click on Create To File, which will then generate the statement in a text file and the location of the file will be displayed.

update kyc to epfo 8- validate the information

The text file will be having the KYC information of the employee in the encoded format as required for the EPFO.

update kyc to epfo 9- KYC info

Step 8: Now, in the PF-e-Return window, click on Click here for PF Online Portal.

update kyc to epfo 10- pf online portal

It takes the user to the Employer login screen on the EPFO website. Login with relevant login credentials and upload the KYC statement text file.

update kyc to epfo 11- pf online portal login

This will update the employee PF account with their KYC.

You can also learn the KYC updation – For both employers and employees through the EPFO website:

EPFO KYC updation – For both employers and employees

This completes the process of generating a KYC statement in Saral PayPack and updating the same to the EPFO website.

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  • I want to update my Bank Account number but there is no option for the same kindly give help to update for the same.

    • Please do the necessary updated through your employer.

  • Sir, I have my pf UAN number and I forgot my password and mobile number. But UAN portal inside my kyc not updated, please how to update kyc ?
    How to change my mobile?

    • Mobile number will be you AADHAR link number. So reset your password and do the required updates.

  • I want to upload documents to my PF Account KYC AND AADHAAR CARD AND BANK ACCOUNT

    • Please upload through your UAN Account, online