Minimum Wages In Bihar
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Minimum Wages In Bihar

Get the latest minimum wages in Bihar for shops and establishments, which increased for unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled, highly skilled and supervisor levels of workers. That is effective from 1st April 2023.

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Rate of minimum wages in Bihar 

Class of employment Basic Per Day  Basic Per Month VDA Per Day VDA Per Month  Total Per Day  Total Per Month
Unskilled 388 9516.00 81.00 2106.00 447.00 11622.00
Semi-skilled 403 9880.00 83.00 2158.00 463.00 12038.00
Skilled 491 12038.00 102.00 2652.00 565.00 14690.00
Highly skilled 600 14716.00 125.00 3250.00 691.00 17966.00
Supervisory / Clerical 11107.00 10478.00 88.92 2312.00 491.00 12790.00


  • The minimum rates of wages  above are based on the All-India Average Consumer Price Index Number (1960 -100) 8163.00 which is the average of the indices for the Second half of the year, 2021 (July-December).
  • Minimum wages have been revised on the suggestion made by the minimum wage advisory board on 23.03.2022 by adding 15% added after the 34% neutralisation in the consumer price index, so that actual wages may increase.
  • An employee shall for the work done on the weekly day of rest be entitled to overtime payment as prescribed in rule 25 of the Bihar Minimum Wages Rule, 1951.
  • Men and Women workers shall get the same rates of wages for the same work or a similar nature.
  • This shall come into force with effect from the date of September 01,2022.

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