UAN 2.0 New Rules and Features
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UAN 2.0 New Rules and Features

The process of filing Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR) is revised under the new version of UAN 2.0. Under this new version, the ECR is filed only for employees who have UAN numbers. The new version of the UAN has strict rules. The new rule of UAN resolves many problems of EPF members. Many employees were facing difficulties because of the EPF anomalies. This version of UAN tried to weed out the anomaly of the present UAN system. The new rules of UAN are focused to reduce the personal detail mismatch. The error in employee details is the biggest hurdle for EPF transfer and withdrawal. The EPFO does not process the EPF transfer or withdrawal application. The EPFO sticks to strict rules to avoid any fraudulent activities in the future.

 Features of EPFO’s unified portal to support UAN (2.0)

  • Employer e-Sewa and Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP) combines into one unified portal. So, there would no longer be separate portals for challan and UAN generation.
  • For challan generation, the UAN number replaces PF number.
  • There are no issues in UAN linkage with existing company’s PF code.
  • The international workers are provided with an option to update their status with their respective nationalities.
  • You can update the date of leaving for employees who exit on the previous month.
  • Previously, the ECR generation template had 25 fields. Now it is only 11 fields.
  • Gross wages includes as one of the ECR challan fields.
  • There is no validity/expiry of an ECR challan for payment. It is available for all payments there is no regeneration request from members.
  • In the ECR challan, an edit option is given in case there is any correction of details before the submission. Once a member submits he/she cannot alter any details or make any corrections.
  • 5 banks are added to the core bank list to facilitate PF payments.
  • The salary payment date is mandatory while generating a PF challan for payment.
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